Building a Breaking Bad Style Vacuum Coffee Maker

Building a Breaking Bad Style Vacuum Coffee Maker

You already watch Breaking Bad Series by Vince Gilligan? here Vacuuming coffee means that you are using hot water to create vapor like the series. The vapor pressure forces the water to rise into the top chamber. Then, it mixes with the coffee ground. The good thing is that you can build a breaking bad coffee maker to vacuum your favorite coffee before enjoying it. Check the following information to create a vacuum coffee maker at home.

Tools and Items Need to Build a Breaking Bad Style Vacuum Coffee Maker

You need several tools and items to create a vacuum coffee maker at home. Prepare all the following items:

  • A glass tubing
  • A glass cutter
  • Gloves
  • A number six stopper with a hole
  • Mineral oil
  • A Florence Flask
  • Coffee filters
  • A plastic tubing
  • A glass funnels
  • A heater

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The Way to String Up the Tools to Become a Vacuum Coffee Machine  

You need tubing. Heat the tubing to bend and create 90 degrees angles. Create a U shape with the tubing. Then, cut the rest of the tubing with a glass cutter. Ensure that you are wearing gloves while cutting the tubing.

Heat the end of the tubing to keep it smooth. Do this process for a few seconds to ensure that the glass doesn’t melt and cover up the hole. Now, use a number six stopper with a hole. Add a bit of mineral oil to the tubing you have prepared before.

The mineral oil will make the stopper slide easily when you put on the tubing. Put the tubing with a stopper inside the Florence flask. Ensure that there is a gap for about a millimeter between the bottom of the Florence flask and the end of the tubing.

You may have a problem with the diameter of the tubing which is too small. As a result, you can’t connect it with the glass funnel. Use plastic tubing to cover the glass tubing. Then, heat the end of the plastic tubing to increase the diameter.

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This trick will effectively help to connect the glass tubing with the glass funnel. The design also still looks nice with this trick. Connect this part with a regular coffee filter until it reaches the bottom of the funnel. The last thing to do is put a beaker underneath it.

The Way a Breaking Bad Coffee Machine Works

Take off the Florence Flask and fill it up with water to operate this breaking bad coffee machine. Put the Florence Flask back to the machine. Heat the bottom of the Florence Flask to boil the water. The hot water inside the flask will turn into vapor.

The water will flow to the glass funnel via glass tubing as it gets hotter. It continues to flow until it reaches the coffee filter. Start to add coffee powder once you see water on the coffee filter. So, what is the difference between ordinary water and the water comes from the breaking bad coffee maker?

This simple machine helps to produce at about 200 degrees hot water. It is known as a perfect brewing temperature. The next step is mixing the coffee and the water with a spoon. Ensure that all grounds at the top of the water are mixed perfectly with the water.

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Keep this process for about a minute and a half. During the process, the hot temperature forces the water on the Florence Flask to move to the coffee filter. That’s why you will see the water on the flask reduce and move to the coffee filter.

Turn off the heat under the flask once there is no water left there. Slowly but surely, the coffee liquid on the coffee filter will go back to the flask. Wait until the process is complete. You may need to wait a minute and a half more to complete this moving process. That’s it! You can enjoy the perfect brewed coffee once all the coffee liquid moves to the Florence flask.      

The Scientific Explanation about The Process

When you start heating the water on the Florence Flask, it turns into a vapor. Some of the air was stuck in the flask. Since there is no place to escape, the gas will take up more volume. The more gas volume in the flask, the bigger the pressure on the side of the Florence Flask.

At the same time, the gas will also put pressure on the rest of the water. It means the gas pushes down the water. When there is no room left, the water starts to move to the glass tubing. It is the reason why the water starts to move from the Florence Flask to the coffee filter.

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So, what is happening when the flask is empty and you turn off the heat? In this phase, the temperature in the flask starts to decrease. It means that the flask is getting cooler. You will see the water droplets in this phase.

The water droplets are about to re-condense. It means that the water takes up less space or volume. This process will squeeze in or vacuum in. It is the time when the coffee liquid moves back to the Florence flask.

The Result of This Process

Indeed, you will get a cup of hot and fresh coffee in this process. The best part is that you brewing the coffee at the perfect temperature. Imagine that this simple process can heat water up to 200 degrees. It is a perfect temperature to brew coffee grounds.

The coffee liquid is another thing you should see. You are about to get smooth coffee in the Florence Flask. It is because the filter prevents the coffee grounds from moving to the flask. As a result, the coffee grounds are left in the coffee filter.

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It is how you get a cup of smooth, hot, and fresh coffee using a coffee chemistry method. The best part is that you can also learn about science in a breaking bad coffee machine. You are about to get a similar result as you use a vacuum coffee machine that you buy from the store. The coffee will have a similar texture, aroma, and taste. The difference is that you spend less money to get the coffee.

if you haven’t seen the mini series from Breaking Bad Series, you can start looking for it and watch it from series 1 on netflix

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