Keurig K-Mini Plus Cleaning and Descaling Instructions – How To Do It Right

There are so many different Keurig machines out there these days that the cleaning instructions can differ slightly from unit to unit. In this video I show you the exact way I have been cleaning my K-Mini Plus both inside and out for the past 9-10 months.

These are a few obvious points made in this video but there’s also a couple ninja tips to keep the inside clear of bacteria and mineral buildup.

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Preparation to Clean a Keurig Mini

  • 8 ounce white vinegar
  • 10oz ceramic cup
  • Hot Water

Step 1.

                Prepare at least 8 Ounces of undiluted white vinegar, you can put on hand or another small place that you have right now. And also prepare 10 oz ceramic cup ( do not use paper cup) and access to a sink.

Step 2.

                Fill Hot Water tank with 8 ounces white vinegar that you already prepare before up to fill level mark, then place ceramic cup on the drip tray.

Step 3.

                You can close the lid then perform the brew into the ceramic cup, but don’t adding a K-Cup

Step 4.

Pour the contents of the ceramic cup into the hot water tank, please be careful with the liquid because will be hot, then close the lid. Then start a brew but power off the brewer just after it starts to dispense and then allow it to sit for at more or least 30 minutes.

Step 5.

                After the prescribed period of time, you can perform a brew without adding a K-Cup®. Then Empty the contents of the ceramic cup into the sink. Again, Be careful as contents may be still hot.

Step 6.

                Then fill the hot water tank with 8 ounces of bottled water, close the water fill lid, place a cup on the drip tray and perform a brew.

Step 7.

You can repeat Step 6 three times using bottled water (with no K-Cup in place) this to cleanse the brewer plumbing and get rid of any residual taste from the vinegar.

Source : http://www.coffeewiz.com/UserFiles/file/descale_mini.pdf

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If you have Keurig Coffee Machine you should do proper maintenance for your machine, it is important to keep your machine in best performance as long as possible. For some of Keurig Coffee machine models brewers have alert when time to descale, then you should check your Keurig model have this function or not. You can maintain to cleaning your Keurig every 7- 11 Weeks, this is depends on your currently usage, you are less likely to run into issues like a half cup, an overflowing cup or maybe nothing happening at all. You need cleaning your machine If these problem do occur. Pairing these steps with a descaling hope will take care of nearly all Keurig brewer hiccups.

What You need to prepare

  • Paperclip with one side straightened
  • Clean and fresh water
  • well prepare room, remove unnecessary item near you and your machine
  • Flashlight just in case
  • Keurig Descaling Solution
Keurig Descaling Solution New
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Keurig Descaling Solution New
  • Helps extend the life of your brewer (when used regularly)
  • Descaling should take place every 3 to 6 months to preserve the long-term health of your brewer.


  1. First Power off the brewer.
  2. Easy remove the portion pack assembly, remember all of the part
  3. Then remove the funnel from the portion pack holder, just pulling on the sides until it detaches
  4. Then locate the hole on the bottom of the exit needle you can check on the underside of the portion pack holder. Then Insert the unfolded side of the paperclip into the tube and move it in a circular motion to release any debris. You can repeat this step
  5. Rinse the portion pack holder under running water and please beware of the exit needle. Or you can put them it in the dishwasher on the top shelf, just pick the easy one for you
  6. Then locate the top entrance needle by lifting the handle on your brewer. For the needle is located under the brewer head (the part you lifted up). Then You will see two holes and a very sharp point (be careful!, just not in rush ).
  7. Then insert the paperclip into the two holes of the entrance needle and move in a circular motion, this is to release any debris.
  8. Replace the bottom portion pack assembly. Just make sure that it snaps back into place, and lower the brewer handle.
  9. Run at least two water only brewer cycles.Then this is great time to descale using Keurig descaling solution.

A clogged Keurig® needles happens for the most often after brewing a tea K-Cup® pod. The tea tend to travel a little easier due to the lighter weight. Sometimes, running a water only brew cycle alone will remove the debris this is just alternative cleaner. If not, use the cleaning instructions described along with Keurig® descaling solution and you will enjoy your Keurig Coffee Machine again in a good performance

Keurig Descaling Solution and Cleaning Kit

How to Deep Clean Your Keurig without Vinegar

If you have this appliance for quite a long time, you must already know that dust and residue can accumulate from time to time. And it is important to regularly clean the coffee maker because the residue and dust can affect the performance of the appliance and the taste of your coffee. So, if you want to maintain the performance of your Keurig coffee maker, make sure you regularly clean it. Below are the steps to deep clean your Keurig coffee maker without using vinegar.

Clean the Exterior

First, you need to clean the exterior or the surface of the coffee maker before cleaning the inside part.

·        Remove the Electricity

Start by removing the cable of the coffee maker from an electricity socket. This way, your Keurig coffee maker will not get damaged when it is exposed to water.

·        Remove All Removable Components

Depending on the model of Keurig coffee maker you have, it should be possible for you to remove the cold-water reservoir, cover, dripping tray, K-cups, and funnel. Carefully remove the K-cups and funnel because there are needles near them. You just need to hold on both sides of the placemat and shake it until it is removed.

·        Wash All of the Removable Components

In a bowl, mix warm water with a teaspoon of dish liquid soap. Then, put all of the removable components in the bowl. Let it soak before you cleanly wash them with a sponge. After that, cleanly rinse them. Let all of the removable components dry.

·        Clean the Case

Do not forget to clean the case of your Keurig coffee maker. Mix water in a bowl. Dip a soft towel in the mixture and use it to clean the case of the coffee maker. Do not forget to squeeze the towel first before using it.

Clean the Machine

Now, it is time to clean the machine of your Keurig coffee machine. Here are the steps.

·        Turn the Coffee Maker On

Connect the power cable to an electricity socket. Turn the auto off feature so that the machine will not turn off during the cleaning process.

Put water and pour it into the reservoir. Make sure you fill it until it reaches the maximum filling line. Do not place the K-cup and you are suggested to use distilled water only. If your Keurig coffee maker does not want to operate without pods, place an empty one in the placemat.

·        Drain to A Coffee Cup

Before starting the brewing process, place a coffee cup in the dripping tray. Then, choose the most substantial brewing cycle and continue. Be careful because hot liquid will be drained into the coffee cup. Repeat the cycle according to your need.

·        Run the Final Cycle with Filtered Water

Throw away all of water. Fill the reservoir with distilled water and run the cycle again. This will get rid all unnecessary smell. if you need more detail about Keurig manual for all series and type please check also on our web.

Keurig coffee maker manual

You can easily clean your Keurig mini by removing the removable water reservoir. To clean the water reservoir, you must first remove the pod holder assembly. You can also use a straightened paper clip to remove the coffee grounds. This way, you can easily access the exit needle located in the bottom of the K-Cup holder. After you have cleaned the water reservoir, you should clean the drip tray and the funnel. If you have a hard time reaching it, you can also make the cleaning process easier by adding a teaspoon of baking soda to the white vinegar solution. For manual you can check on Keurig mini manual

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