Easy Guide On How To Make Latte At Home Using Machine

Easy Guide On How To Make Latte At Home
How to Make Latte at Home

Have you ever considered creating your cup of latte at home? The unique taste and the beauty of latte art are mostly the reason why people love this drink. When made well, a cup of latte will bring warmth with its sweet and silky coffee flavor. What makes it even more interesting, is the fact that you can buy a coffee machine and make it yourself at home. It is easy and needs a few ingredients. Interested? Here is how to make latte for you.

A Guide Of How to Making Latte Using Machine At Home 

1. The Ingredients You Need

Let’s start with the ingredients and the kits. You should have the espresso beans or any coffee beans. It is recommended to get the espresso one. Get milk, additional topping, and optional syrup. Get a cup or a latte glass and of course, get an espresso machine. In this case, make sure you got a machine with a steam wand. The process of brewing and preparing probably only takes 5 minutes and it can yield 2 cups of latte.

2. Starting With Preheating Your Cup

After you got all the ingredients ready, the next how to make latte step is preheating your cup. Why? is it needed? Yes! this is the first small step that very essential. The reason you heat the cup is to prevent your espresso shot go cold while you steam and froth the milk. You can easily do this step by filling your cup with hot water and let it stir for a few minutes. Or if you got the coffee machine with a cup warmer feature, that can be your best solution.

3. Double Shot Of Espresso

Have you got the cup warmed up? If you do, get a double shot of espresso. This is the basic recipe and the right how to make latte method. Two shot of espresso and two-third of frothed milk is the perfect combination. However, the balance can be changed based on your preference. If you like a lighter or weaker coffee flavor, then you can brew or use a single shot. So, brew your preferred shot of espresso and pour it in your latte glass.

4. Frothing Your Milk and pour it

Put your milk in a cup, place it in a frothing pitcher, and steam it using the machine’s wand. Hold the want about half an inch below the milk surface. At the same time, it has a temperature of 150°F, or else your milk may burn and destroy the natural taste. The next how to make latte step will be pouring it slowly without splash or spill to your espresso shot. Pour it slowly so the milk flow first and followed with the froth.

Nowadays, you can find lots of Latte machine products on the market, you can check KRUPS EA8808 or maybe De’Longhi ESAM3300 for reverence. Since you are interested to make a latte by yourself, make sure you got the machine with frothing pitcher and steamer. As you got all the ingredients and the machine, you can start preheating your cup. Prepare two shots of espresso and froth your milk. That is all you need to do.

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