Review of Jura 15089 GIGA W3 Professional Automatic Coffee Machine

Do you love coffee so much that you need to have a cup of your favorite coffee to start your busy day? What is your favorite coffee? If you are a true coffee addict, you surely want to have a coffee machine at your house. So, you do not have to buy a cup in a coffee shop every day, which costs quite pricey. By having your own coffee machine, you will also be able to make your favorite coffee just exactly how you like it. Strong, creamy, double shots, and so on.

There are a lot of coffee machine products available in the market. If you are looking for the high-quality one, it is worth to put Jura 15089 Professional Automatic Coffee Machine on your list. Why? Here is the review about the coffee machine product.

About Jura 15089 Professional Automatic Coffee Machine

Jura 15089 introduces the most sophisticated coffee technology. It is elegant and professional at the same time, making this automatic coffee machine not only suitable for home use, but also for businesses and even companies. Because it offers everything that counts in a modern working environment. Besides superlative performances, this coffee machine also offers comfortable, easy, and intuitive operation.

You can easily refill thanks to its large 5-liter water tank and 1 Kg coffee bean container. With Jura Professional Automatic Coffee Machine, you can have an incredibly aromatic coffee because the unit features an aroma preservation cover. What about the design? Its design is expressive, bold, and elegant at the same time. It shows precision craftsmanship, making the coffee machine fits for any interior designs and nuances.

The dimension of this unit is 14.5 inches x 19.6 inches x 21.6 inches. It weighs 42 pounds. It can be said that Jura Automatic Coffee Machine is pretty compact. The coffee machine product is easy to clean and maintain as well. You can start the integrated rinsing and cleaning programs by simply touching the button. With its designs, functions, and features, Jura 15089 will be soon popular in the market.

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Highlights of Jura 15089 Professional Automatic Coffee Machine


Jura Professional Automatic Coffee Machine features a smart and self-explanatory operating concept which includes a ball bearing-mounted Rotary Switch and TFT display for maximum speed and efficiency. This coffee machine is easy to use and operate. With only a touch of a button, you can prepare 31 specialty coffees that you can individually program as well as other 12 barista recipes. So, you can make any kinds of coffee you want, just like a pro barista.


The standard screen is customizable. You can customize it according to your preferences or occasions. The main technology feature of this coffee machine is the adjustable air intake, electronically controlled by a geared stepper motor, to heat and froth the milk. When you are making a cup of your favorite latte macchiato, the unit will automatically dispense hot milk into the cup, immediately followed by milk foam and coffee.

Jura 15089 Professional Automatic Coffee Machine also has the capability to produce the widely popular flat white. The high-performance grinder features grinding discs that are specially positioned and made from wear-resistant technical ceramic. It is purposed to make sure consistent and precise grinding for years to come.

The grinding discs are extremely fast. They only need half time compared with the previous model. You can electronically adjust the grinders.

The GIGA W3 Professional introduces state-of-the-art coffee technology to the workplace

GIGA W3 Professional


Besides being easy to program and operate, Jura Professional Automatic Coffee Machine is also designed to be easy to clean and take care of. The unit features integrated rinsing, cleaning, and descaling programs. The programs reduce the effort involved as minimum as possible and guarantee TÜV-certified hygiene.


This coffee machine from Jura is equipped with useful accessories, such as a milk cooler and cup warmer. With those accessories, it is possible for you to make coffee for any requirements. The settings and accessories are customizable so that you can make a cup of your favorite coffee, just like how you like it.

Aesthetics and Designs

The design of Jura Professional Automatic Coffee Machine will match very well with a modern kitchen. Because it has the silver color that can complete your modern stainless steel kitchen appliances. It also has the shine that can complete other contemporary appliances in your kitchen. For your information, Jura products are more known for their functions instead of aesthetics. The 15089 Coffee Machine does not feature flashy details or complicated ornaments that will leave you in awe. However, you cannot doubt how the machine is able to deliver high-quality coffee in your cups.


A big TFT type of LCD is located in the top center of the coffee machine. It clearly represents the different coffees that the unit has in its programming. 4 multifunction buttons are on the left side or right side of the screen. On top of the machine is a 3-button array that includes a programming button, a switch for the rotary grinder, and power button. The coffee bean container sticks out from the top of the appliance. The water reservoir is slim yet able to accommodate a large capacity of water. It is positioned on the left side of the coffee machine.

The cup platform is quite large, allowing you to put several cups at one time. Jura coffee machine also features an integrated drip tray that is located at the bottom of the coffee machine. The best part of the feature is you do not have to always check the drip tray from time to time. Instead, an alert on the LCD screen will let you know when the drip tray needs to be emptied.

One-Touch Brewing

Jura 15089 Professional Automatic Coffee Machine can deliver your favorite espresso shot within 33 seconds. What makes this appliance even more amazing is it can make you 2 cups of espresso shot for the same amount of time. And you only need to wait for a minute 30 seconds to prepare 2 cups of latte for you and your partner. It takes only 2.5 minutes to get a pot of freshly brewed coffee for everyone at your house or office. Set the program as you wish and have a chit-chat with your friends or co-workers while the coffee machine has your coffee ready.

This coffee machine from Jura simplifies the entire process of making great-taste coffee. Just make sure you find the right settings so that you will always be able to have consistent high-quality coffee at all times. You are able to program the Jura Coffee Machine as to when it should start to brew your coffee and when it should automatically shut off. The coffee machine will automatically go into the standby mode when it is not in use.

A Lot of Coffee Recipes

When it comes to prices, Jura Professional Automatic Coffee Machine is pricey. But, there are some reasons behind it. One of the reasons is Jura includes 12 world-class barista recipes in the programming of the appliance. The brand also includes 31 specialty coffees as well. So, you can taste a cup of world-class barista coffee at your fingertips. However, you should take notes that these recipes may not meet your taste. But, do not be worried. You can use the customization options.

With accessories such as cup warmers and milk coolers, this Jura 15089 possible to design an optimum complete coffee solution for any requirement.


With customization options, you can make every recipe in the machine’s programming perfect according to your taste and preference. You can determine how strong your coffee is or the ideal temperature you want. Moreover, you will also be able to choose your preferred characteristics of milk foam for milk-based coffee recipes. The 15089 Coffee Machine allows you to customize a lot of different types of coffee.

This is the review about Jura 15089 Professional Automatic Coffee Machine. This appliance is indeed expensive. But, it is worth the features and highlights.

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