KRUPS EA8298 Cappuccino Bar Review: Fully Automatic with Preset Drink, LCD Display, and Integrated Milk Froth System

To fulfill the demands of coffee lovers, there are many products of instant coffee to sell in the market. Yes, they taste deliciously with many variants. But for some people, it seems not enough to buy and drink instant coffee. They prefer authentic coffee that is made directly using a coffee machine. Of course, it is basically not easy and it takes time. Interestingly, some brands currently provide coffee machine products that tend to be easier and more practical to use. One of them is KRUPS, a German brand for kitchen appliances. Taking about some featured products from KRUPS, KRUPS EA8298 is what you should choose. Here is the review.

KRUPS EA8298 Cappuccino Bar, Fully Automatic 57-Ounce

A More Minimalist Design

Compared to other products from the same brand, KRUPS EA8298 tends to have a more minimalist design. It is dominated by black with silver accents on some parts. Although this variant has some color options, it looks like the black one is the best choice particularly if you love a simple and elegant look. Al the buttons are placed on the face of the product. It enables users to operate it even for beginners who have never dealt with a coffee machine and grinder before.

The conical burr grinder is made from transparent material so that you can take a look at the process. The slot available fits various types of cups including the high one. It becomes more flexible with what cup you want to enjoy the coffee. Generally, the coffee machine can just make your kitchen look more stylish. It is really suitable for you who prefer home appliances that are clean without too many details, yet, still look stylish.

KRUPS EA8298 Cappuccino Bar, Fully Automatic 57-Ounce, Preset drinks, LCD Display, Integrated Milk Froth System , Black - 8000035801
609 Reviews
KRUPS EA8298 Cappuccino Bar, Fully Automatic 57-Ounce, Preset drinks, LCD Display, Integrated Milk Froth System , Black - 8000035801
  • FULLY AUTOMATIC: Easily brew delicious cafe-quality coffee and espresso drinks at home; select your desired drink with the turn of a...
  • BUILT-IN METAL CONICAL BURR GRINDER: Grind beans quickly and evenly right before brewing for enticingly rich aroma and full-bodied...

A Fully Automatic Appliance

Some professional coffee makers may prefer traditional coffee grinders and machines to make a cup of perfect coffee according to them. However, for common people, the process may be quite difficult to follow. Therefore, through the series of EA8298, KRUPS looks like presenting a type of coffee machine that meet both beginner’s and professional’s needs in making coffee. Although the components in the machine adapt the idea of traditional coffee machines including the grinder and the frothing system, you can just see that this product is modern. It is a fully automatic appliance to make coffee.

This way, while professionals can still enjoy the art of making coffee, the beginners don’t find it very difficult. To operate it, you can just follow the recipes given. It is to know the amount of each ingredient needed. Then, push one of the buttons available to produce a type of coffee you want, whether it is espresso, cappuccino, and others. Only in some minutes, you can enjoy it.

A Built-in Meta Conical Burr Grinder

Grinding is one of the longest processes in coffee making. It is even when you have used a modern and automatic coffee machine. KRUPS tries to improve its products through the EA8298 series in which the grinding process is fastened. While the process is fast, the result is smooth and even, sure, it depends on the mode you want to implement. You can grind it a little bit coarsely if this is your taste. the grinding process also produces a richer aroma particularly when you brew it. It is possible to grind a large amount of coffee at once if you want to make some cups of coffee for guests or friends.

The Feature of Milk Frothier

There is an integrated milk container available in the product for frothing milk. Milk is an ingredient that cannot be separated from coffee making. It is particularly if you love drinks like cappuccino and lattes. Sure, it is possible also if you want to practice your own coffee machine despite them that have been available in the recipe. The milk container can be released from the machine and it can be cleaned solely. There is a cleaning setting available in the machine including if you want to clean the container. But for a better result, it is more recommended to wash it after the cleaning setting.


Sophisticated Technology Applied

KRUPS EA8298 series provided sophisticated technology for a better process and a better result. The product is equipped with Termo-Block Heating Technology. it is in the form of a 15-bar high-pressure pump and a hydraulic automatic tamping system. The technology provides heat to make the brewing process is done more optimally. Therefore, the result is also tastier and more satisfying. Well, do you want to look like a professional barista at home? The product is a good answer.

It is User-Friendly

This is probably one of the most important things to have by home appliances like a coffee machine. No matter how good the food or the drink to produce with the machine is, it means nothing if the product is not easy to use. In the beginning, it is quite reasonable if you may need to guess the function of each feature or button. But later, you must be able to operate it yourself properly.

KRUPS EA8298 is designed to be more user-friendly. It is seen from the shape of the product itself. Additionally, all the buttons are placed on the front part of the machine. If you want to place it in the corner, it is no longer a big deal since there is no button that is covered. The control system is intuitive with an LCD screen and knob, making it even simpler to use. Other components like the tank, steam nozzle, drip tray, cake container, and others can also be separated or installed easily. If you still find it confusing, you can take a look and read the manual book first.


There are reasons why parents should bring their children away from kitchen appliances. Electronic devices are dangerous sometimes for electricity connection. Particularly for a coffee machine, it is getting riskier since the product deals with hot water. KRUPS EA8298 is safe to be used by anyone since the hot water and anything is protected well. You can set up the tap of water so that it doesn’t sparkle outside in case the cup is too short. The tray area is also strong and sturdy to hold the cups well. But sure, you must still be careful since there are things that are out of control. So, although generally the product safe, it doesn’t mean you can let your children access it easily.

Pros and Cons

While KRUPS EA8298 indeed provides you great specifications and features, there must be some lacks here and there. That’s normal. As a wise buyer, you must know the pros and cons of the product you buy to avoid you being disappointed.

Started from the pros, KRUPS EA8298 comes out with a simple and minimalist design. Furthermore, the application of the black color just makes it look more elegant. It is also very easy to use with some buttons available. You basically only need to fill in the containers with the ingredients. Then tap the button to make it work. The process is simple and easy. Only in a few minutes, you can make a tasty variant of coffee to serve and enjoy with family and friends.

So, how are the cons? Unfortunately, the primary machine itself quite difficult to clean even there is an automatic cleaning setup. Meanwhile, it is very important to make sure the product clean so that it can just be more durable. Besides, the grinding process is a little noisy. It is not very loud indeed but quite disturbing sometimes.

  • Easy to use
  • Great ‘normal’ coffee quality
  • Simple maintenance
  • Automatic coffee ground tamping with hydraulic system
  • Removable drip tray to ensure easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Ergonomic knob for simple navigation
  • Very limited milky drink features
  • Feels a bit cheap in parts
  • Max temperature should be higher
  • A bit pricey for the budget friendly people
  • Crema is not that amazing for fully crema loaded drinks

How to Clean KRUPS EA8298

If you want to learn how to clean Krups EA8298 coffee maker, keep reading this article. This will explain how to remove accumulated dirt and deposits. In addition, you will learn how to prevent future problems with your coffee maker. After reading this article, you should have a clearer idea on how to care for your beloved Krups EA8298.

If you want to maintain your Krups coffee maker, you should follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to avoid any problems with it. If the manufacturer recommends using a damp cloth, clean the coffee pot and its inner parts with a soft brush. Make sure to avoid getting any water in the chamber. It’s also important to make sure the cleaning process doesn’t damage the machine’s finish.

Regular cleaning is necessary for your Krups EA8298 coffee maker. Regular descaling and cleaning programs will prevent any problems with the coffee pot. To make sure the cleaning process is effective, consult the user manual. If the cleaning instructions don’t address the specific problem, you can use a damp cloth to wipe down all of the surfaces. If you have any leaking or broken parts, take a small, soft brush to clean them.

The Krups EA8298 is easy to clean. The frothing container, milk frother, and coffee puck drawer are all removable. The drip tray, drip pan, and milk frother are all dishwasher safe. Keeping your espresso maker clean will help it last longer. Unlike some other types of coffee machines, the Krups EA8298 is designed with easy cleaning in mind.

Todays Deal on Krups Coffee Maker

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KRUPS Precision Grinder Flat Burr Coffee for Drip/Espresso/PourOver/ColdBrew, 12 Cup, Black
  • IMPROVED PERFORMANCE AND PRECISION: 33 percentage greater grinding range to provide precision grinding for all types of coffee brewing...
  • PREMIUM BURR GRIND: Metallic flat burr coffee grinder provides full control over the grind size and uniform grinding for the full...
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  • CONVENIENT FEATURES: Pause & Brew allows you to pour a cup of coffee mid-brew and automatically keeps your coffee warm after brewing
SaleBestseller No. 3
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KRUPS XP3208 15-BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Maker, 1.5-Liter, Black AND GX332850 Silent Vortex Electric Grinder for Spice,Dry Herbs and Coffee, 12-Cups, Black
  • 15 BAR PUMP ESPRESSO for improved flavor extraction with no bitterness
  • MANUAL SELECTION for ultimate control over the final results


So, is KRUPS EA8298 worth buying or not? Despite some lacks you may find during your time using it, the product still worth buying. At least, it works very well and effectively to create many types of coffee you want. Besides, while it is not disappointing for professional coffee makers, it is a great choice for amateurs and beginners for its easy operating system.

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