KRUPS EA8808 2-IN-1 Touch Cappuccino Super Automatic Espresso Machine, 57-Ounce, Black Review

How many times do you have to order your favorite coffee at a café a week? How many times do you have to do this a day? Since coffee becomes a great part of your daily life, why do not you consider investing in a coffee machine? It cannot be just any coffee machine. It should be KRUPS EA8808.

Great Screen Display

Well, everyone will love technology addition to their coffee machine but bad technology addition will not be satisfying at all. You might want to make a great cup of coffee and it should not be affected by the technology addition of the coffee machine. Nevertheless, making coffee can be a process that can affect the taste of the coffee. You want to enjoy every moment to have the best taste of the coffee. The moment should not be ruined by simple things such as a troublesome screen display. The screen display is there to offer easiness for the users and it can be frustrating when it cannot do its job properly. With KRUPS EA8808, every moment of making coffee will always be enjoyable because it comes with a touch screen display with a large size and intuitive performance. It means that you will be able to read the display easily. Any program you want for making your favorite coffee can be chosen easily and quickly through the screen display.

High Technology Espresso Maker

Buying KRUPS EA8808 is not just about buying a common coffee machine. You will buy a coffee machine with various kinds of technology attached to make the best coffee experience. This unit offers the automatic espresso maker that can be personalized and programmed. You will love the feature of a programmable clock, auto start, and auto-off of the machine. It allows you to make your selection when making a cup of coffee whether you will choose extensive coffee recipes offered by KRUPS or personalize your coffee recipe. It can be done super easily at the touch of a button only. You can feel free to program your favorite coffee in advance and you make it over and over again in no time. It will ensure your perfect coffee cup every time even when you are in a rush.

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Super Easy Cappuccino Block

Who loves cappuccino? You might think that to enjoy the best cappuccino, you have to buy it from the café. There is no way you can make the best cappuccino at home since frothing milk can be a pain in the ass unless you have the best coffee machine. Fortunately, KRUPS EA8808 is the best coffee machine that can help you make the best cappuccino at home. It comes with a one-touch cappuccino block feature that can ensure the best quality of your cappuccino. Anytime you want to enjoy the freshly frothed milk for your cappuccino, you only need to attach the milk suction pipe to the cappuccino block. Your best-frothed milk result will be ready in seconds. This coffee machine will make you feel like a real barista since you can make creamy lattes and cappuccinos at your home. This unit can help you make milk-based coffee easy and fun.

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Remove and Attach Easiness

Sometimes using a certain coffee machine can be scary for some people because they have to attach and remove some parts of the unit for making their favorite coffee. It sounds great that you can make your coffee with the premium quality at your home but it is scary at the same time because you have to do all the removing and attaching by yourself. You will be able to remove and attach some parts of the KRUPS EA8808 coffee machine unit easily. You can remove the one-touch cappuccino block in one click only. You can also attach the milk suction pipe for frothing your fresh milk in one click. It is all about convenience. Everyone can do it easily. There is no need to worry.

This is KRUPS EA8808 2-IN-1 Touch Cappuccino Super Automatic Espresso Machine
KRUPS EA8808 2-IN-1 Touch Cappuccino Super Automatic Espresso Machine Source : Channel Produkt Tester

Wide Coffee Varieties

Do you have any coffee preference you like the most? You might have yours but sometimes you want something different. Is it possible to make various types of coffee recipes with a single coffee machine? You can do it with the right type of coffee machine product and KRUPS EA8808 is the right coffee machine for you. Any kind of coffee recipe can be made using this coffee machine. You can just mention any type of coffee blend from espresso to Americano, KRUPS EA8808 will be able to prepare the chosen coffee in seconds. It seems that you bring a whole café in a coffee machine at your home when you buy this product. You can always use your preference when making a cup of coffee with this unit. 


Coffee for All

Any coffee machine can make a single cup of coffee. It is easy peasy for sure. However, sometimes people find that their coffee machine is not reliable when they want to make coffee in a large batch. When you have your family members or your friends gathering at home and you want to share the coffee moment, it is quite challenging since you have to brew the coffee over and over again because of the small capacity of the coffee machine. KRUPS EA 8808 will not allow them to enjoy coffee at different times because you can make coffee for them at once. Do not forget that KRUPS is all about convenience and gourmet. You can offer hot and creamy coffee for everyone at a time. 

Great Design and Low Maintenance

After reading all the good things that can be offered by KRUPS EA8808, you might imagine that those features are only possible if the coffee machine is big and bulky. It does not seem good to add this type of coffee machine on your kitchen counter because it might ruin the overall look of the kitchen and even the home interior design. Nevertheless, this unit is an espresso maker that comes with a compact design. It is not only great in look but also in function. It comes with a clear bean container that allows you to control the coffee bean availability easily. The water reservoir is also easy to handle so you can ensure that there is always enough water to make your coffee. Setting up the espresso maker can be done easily and quickly. You will be able to enjoy your coffee in no time with this coffee machine at your house.

With its intuitive and large color touch screen display, select all your program in seconds

Easy To Read Display


Let’s wrap up all the good things you can get from KRUPS EA8808. This coffee machine is all about convenience. It can be started from the touch screen interface that is user friendly. Everyone can use it easily and quickly. Since it can clean automatically, you will find that this unit needs low maintenance. At the same time, it also comes with better longevity. The coffee recipes offered by KRUPS are extensive. You can even personalize yours. By programming and storing your personalized recipes, your unique coffee can be served in no time using this coffee machine. This is not just an espresso maker because you can also make milk-based coffee using the very same machine. More importantly, this machine is all about quality. If you want to invest in a coffee machine, you will not make a bad choice with KRUPS EA8808.


What about the cons? This coffee machine sounds too perfect to be true but still, you can find some cons. Although the price can be considered justified, you have to admit that it is still quite an expensive price. The price is not the only con of this product. You have to clean the silicon tube used for frothing the milk after every use. It can be quite troublesome especially when you have to froth your fresh milk often. No matter what, KRUPS EA8808 is still one of the best coffee makers you can bring to your house.

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