Nouva Simonelli Oscar: Things to Know About Making Coffee with the Machine

Talking about high-end coffee machines available in the market, the name Nuova Simonelli must be on the list. Yes, having been in the market of coffee production for years makes Nuova Simonelli one of the trusted and reputable brands so far. One of the series from the brand is Oscar. There are Oscar and Oscar II you can find in stores. But on this page, you can learn more about the first Oscar. So, what are the things you need to know about Nouva Simonelli Oscar? Here is the explanation.

Dimension, Design, and Appearance

No matter how small and lightweight an espresso machine is, it is still around 20 kg. Sure, it has many heavy components inside to make sure that the coffee produced is really of high quality. But interestingly, Nouva Simonelli Oscar just proves that a coffee machine can be lighter than that. The design can also be more compact. Yes, the product is presented only in around 17 kg. Meanwhile, the dimensions are only at 24×22. It looks great and not spending too much space in the corner of your kitchen or dining room.

The Oscar series consists of several colors including red, silver, and black. All of them look stylish with their minimalist and contemporary design. It is quite difficult to determine which one is the best among them. It is completely according to your taste. Additionally, it can hold 4 cups of 5-ounce lattes and several demitasses (espresso cups).

Nuova Simonelli Musica Direct Connect Version Lux Espresso Machine Mmusicaluxad
  • Nuova Simonelli Musica Direct Connect Version Lux Espresso Machine Mmusicaluxad

Specifications and Features 

For the lovers of modern-designed kitchen appliances, the first Oscar series from Nuova Simonelli is indeed the best choice. Moreover, it is also equipped with some great specifications. 

The front panel of the product consists of the largest steam button on the left. There are only two buttons provided in the area. They are to turn on the machine and the brewing button. Oscar is also equipped with a heating element marker that lights up when the temperature is rising. It is also a sign that the coffee machine is ready to use. For the feature above, Oscar does not need a manometer that shows the boiler’s temperature just like other products.

At the bottom of the panel, there is a lever for steam. It can rotate freely to let you adjust the position of the milk jug to the right position. In the headgroup of the machine, the portafilter used is 58mm in diameter which is standard and very common to use in espresso machines.

How to Use the Nouva Simonelli Oscar Coffee Machine

Nouva Simonelli has some features and the Oscar series is one of them. Generally, how to use all the series is just the same. There are only some details that are quite different from one to another. Particularly for the Oscar series, you can follow some steps below to make sure you operate it correctly.

1. Install the Coffee Filters

Most of the coffee machines are equipped with filters permanently. Meanwhile, some others need to be attached manually. The Oscar type is a machine in which the filter can be separated from the main item. It gives you some benefit, particularly when cleaning it. You should not worry since installing and uninstalling the filter is easy in the Oscar series. So, before using the product, make sure you have installed the coffee filter.

2. Pour the coffee

After the filter is installed well to the main item, pour the coffee in the amount as needed.  However, you should still pay attention to the ratio of water, coffee, and other ingredients like sugar or milk. Follow also the instructions on the machine so that the results are as good as expected. Generally, to make a cup of coffee, it usually takes 177ml of water and about two measuring spoons of coffee powder. If you want the right amount, it is better to use a scale or measuring cup.

3. Pour the water

Pour water into the coffee maker according to the measuring limit instructions in the container. Sure, it is not bad to add or reduce them based on your tastes. But for beginners, it is best to follow the instructions to avoid the coffee not tasting well. Besides, it is also good to follow the suggested sizes before trying to experiment with changing measurements.

4. Turn on the Simonelli Espresso Machine

After the coffee and water are put into the coffee maker, turn on the machine. Connect the cable to the power source, then press the button to operate the machine. Set up the machine to result in the best coffee taste based on your opinion. Make sure the coffee mixture is mixed well.  If the coffee maker has a pause feature, you can press the button to pause and check the level of the coffee mixture, whether it has been good or not.

5. Serve Coffee

You can wait for some minutes until the process of making the coffee is done. Then, push the button available to pour the coffee water into the cup. You can turn off the machine. Enjoy the coffee and if you have spare time, you can wipe the machine to remove the remaining ingredients. This way, the coffee machine from Nuova Simonelli tends to be more durable as well as the next coffee you make will still taste good.

6. Clean the Simonelli Coffee Machine

Before using a coffee machine, it is better to clean it first. Invisible dust and dirt can also reduce the taste of the coffee. Therefore, they must be removed before and after using it. You can do it simply by wiping the machine with water in case you have no time to wash it. After cleaning it, dry the machine with a clean rug and store it in a dry and clean place.

Things to Know When Making Coffee with Nouva Simonelli Oscar

Nuova Simonelli Oscar II Espresso Machine,3 liters
55 Reviews
Nuova Simonelli Oscar II Espresso Machine,3 liters
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 16" x 12" x 16"
  • Espresso Machine Type: Semi-Automatic

Nouva Simonelli Oscar is a coffee maker suitable for all uses whether in coffee shops and cafes or at home. However, this sophisticated machine may not provide perfect coffee results if you use it not properly. Therefore, several things need to be considered to produce special coffee with this espresso maker. What are they? 

First, all coffee making equipment must be thoroughly cleaned before use. They are including cups or glasses for serving coffee. Of course, it is not bad to wash or wipe it using a clean rug before starting to make coffee. It takes time but worth doing for your own satisfaction.

Things to Know When Making Coffee with Nouva Simonelli Oscar
Things to Know When Making Coffee with Nouva Simonelli Oscar

Second, some coffee lovers love to start the process from the very beginning. It is when the coffee is still in the form of beans. To crash them, you need to use a coffee grinder correctly and adjust to the roughness level as needed. To take note, different brewing methods require different textures of coffee grounds.

Third, you should also use tempering to compact the coffee grounds after they are placed in the toggle. It doesn’t affect the results actually. It just to ease you more in processing the coffee. Besides, making the ground compact also avoids it being messy around.

Fourth, don’t forget to install the toggle on the boiler and then screw it up. The boiler that heats and flows hot water will work after the engine is started.  You also need to prepare a glass or cup to load the coffee liquid that comes out. In many cases, this simple thing is often forgotten by the users.

Fifth, this is to save more time when preparing coffee. You can process the milk as a mixture while the coffee is processed or ground. If the milk is warm enough, it is good to produce coffee with a smoother texture. In addition, if you have such a skill, try to combine coffee and milk in an interesting pattern and serve it.

Lastly, make sure the tools that have been used along with the machine and table are cleaned before use. The same thing must also be done after the coffee has been done and served. Sure, it influences the coffee taste you will make next time. Besides, you should also make sure that the coffee you make is really healthy and hygienic. Well, this is how to make your Nouva Simonelli Oscar work optimally when making coffee. So, are you interested in buying this coffee machine?

Nuova Simonelli Oscar II Video

Q & A Nuova Simonelli Oscar

Q: What is the Nuova Simonelli Oscar?

A: The Nuova Simonelli Oscar is a high-quality espresso machine that is designed for home or small business use.

Q: What are the key features of the Nuova Simonelli Oscar?

A: The key features of the Nuova Simonelli Oscar include its powerful steam wand, pre-infusion function, large water reservoir, and commercial-grade components.

Q: What type of coffee can I make with the Nuova Simonelli Oscar?

A: The Nuova Simonelli Oscar is designed to make high-quality espresso, but it can also be used to make other types of coffee drinks, such as cappuccinos and lattes.

Q: Is the Nuova Simonelli Oscar easy to use?

A: Yes, the Nuova Simonelli Oscar is designed to be user-friendly, with simple controls and easy-to-understand functions.

Q: How do I clean the Nuova Simonelli Oscar?

A: To clean the Nuova Simonelli Oscar, you can use a descaling solution and follow the instructions in the user manual. You should also clean the steam wand regularly to prevent the buildup of milk residue.

Q: Can I use my own coffee grounds with the Nuova Simonelli Oscar?

A: Yes, you can use your own coffee grounds with the Nuova Simonelli Oscar by using the included portafilter.

Q: What is the price range of the Nuova Simonelli Oscar?

A: The price of the Nuova Simonelli Oscar varies depending on where you purchase it from, but it typically ranges from around $1,500 to $2,000.

Q: How long does it take to make a cup of coffee with the Nuova Simonelli Oscar?

A: It typically takes less than a minute to make a cup of espresso with the Nuova Simonelli Oscar.

Q: Is the Nuova Simonelli Oscar durable?

A: Yes, the Nuova Simonelli Oscar is built with commercial-grade components and is designed to last for many years with proper care and maintenance.

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