Reviews and Buying Guide Best Espresso Beans of 2021

Some coffee lovers choose espresso as their favorite drink. It deals with the flavor, aroma, and easy to mix. Espresso is delicious whether you mix it with almond milk or sugar. Indeed, you feel a great sensation when you drink it black, with no milk, and a flat white. The most important thing is that you are using the best espresso beans. Check the list below to get a reference.

1. Eight O’Clock Whole Bean Coffee, French Roast   

Eight O’Clock has served coffee lovers since 1859. It means they have enough experience to produce high-quality beans for the best espresso beans. This brand offers 100% coffee Arabica beans, along with Kosher certified. The manufacturer is not only using high-quality coffee beans but also expert roasters. They roast the beans at their facility in Maryland, USA. You can enjoy the beans as you wish, including single origin, flavored, or single-serve coffee. This product is perfect for those who love to enjoy a strong and bold taste of coffee anytime they want. The manufacturer includes everything it needs to serve the premium quality and taste of coffee beans, including the roast date on the bag. One of the missions of this product is also to keep the environment and coffee farming community. That’s why the manufacturer also has partnerships with different coffee organizations to keep the coffee supply chain healthy.  


–        This product comes up with a variety of flavors and package sizes.

–        The package is elegant, along with crucial information buyers need to know.

–        The strong aroma and taste.

–        Easy to mix with other ingredients to create new coffee drinking experiences.


–        The bag is not resealable, so buyers have to use a bag clip to close it.

2. Peet’s Coffee Espresso Forte, Dark Espresso Roast Whole Bean Coffee, 32 Ounce

Peet’s Coffee Espresso Forte is another option for coffee lovers who love to drink bold, rich, and strong espresso. The manufacturer harvests the beans from the Indo-Pacific which have an earthy characteristic. Indeed, the strong aroma makes you want to drink the coffee right away once you serve it. This coffee looks perfect, along with its luscious crema to show that you are drinking pure coffee flavor. The unique part is that the manufacturer doesn’t use computers only to roast the beans. They choose to roast the coffee beans by hand. Indeed, the expert roasters help from the beginning up to the end of the process. This unique process is the secret of unlocking the beans’ flavor potential. It is also the reason why Peet’s Coffee Espresso Forte is listed on the best espresso beans. You can choose 4 different flavors, such as Alameda Morning Blend, Espresso Forte, Organic Alpine Blend, and Organic Alma de la Tierra. The manufacturer serves 2 pounds in a pack of 1 and 2.25 pounds in a pack of 1. This product also uses 100% Arabica Coffee beans, along with Kosher certification.


–        The package is elegant for a special gift.

–        The taste is strong and bold, long with crema.

–        People can choose several flavors.


–        It seems that the beans are not as bold and dark as the French Roast.

3. Gavina Old Havana Espresso

Gavina Old Havana Espresso is a recommended product for those who want to get a traditional taste of espresso. Imagine that you have a chance to drink the first product that the manufacturer sold in the USA. This product has a strong character due to its bold and balanced flavor. You are about to taste the nutty and sweet flavor sensation, along with hints of citrus. The manufacturer is not only focusing on the high-quality product but also the environment. Let say they blend, roast, and pack at the zero-waste-to-landfill facility in Los Angeles. They always think about preserving natural resources and the environment while doing the process. You can take one of three flavors, which are the Old Havana Espresso, Cafe Gavina Espresso, and Gavina Nuevo Mundo Espresso. Espresso lovers seem to get a new sensation by drinking a cup of coffee that has been made since 1967. The taste is great, although you mix the espresso with sugar or steamed milk.


–        The package looks classic yet elegant for a gift.

–        It is perfect for gathering with friends and family.

–        Commit to producing premium coffee with a greener footprint.


–        Some buyers think that the taste is too bitter.

4. Intelligentsia Black Cat Classic Espresso

Intelligentsia is another brand with a lot of experience. One of its products known as Intelligentsia Black Cat Classic Espresso shows the way this company serves its products. You will taste the characteristics of their products, which are sweet, clean, and complex. This product seems to give a new drinking experience and sensation from its chocolate, ripe cherry, and brown sugar. It is caffeine-free coffee, so people can enjoy it comfortably. The manufacturer also uses a chemical-free and mountain water process to decaffeinate the beans. Another difference between this product and other products is the Direct Trade system. The idea of this system is to cut unnecessary importers and exporters. It means the company focuses on its partnerships with growers. Indeed, this product is a solution for people who love a light flavor of coffee with a fruity taste. Imagine that you can enjoy a cup of Intelligentsia Cat Classic Espresso with donuts in the morning or afternoon.  


–        The package looks simple yet elegant.

–        It is perfect for people who are looking for non-caffeine coffee.

–        It has several flavors to choose from.

–        The manufacturer has enough experience to serve premium espresso since 1995. 


–        This product is not an option for people who love modern design and strong flavor.

5. Stumptown Coffee Roasters Hair Bender Whole Bean Coffee

Do you like to enjoy a cup of sweet espresso? Stumptown Coffee Roasters Hair Bender is the answer. The manufacturer takes coffee beans from three major regions, which are Central and South America, East Africa, and Indonesia to reach the flavor and quality. The sensation in the mouth looks different with sweet citrus, milk chocolate, and caramel. It’s up to you whether you want to enjoy the light to dark roast, single-origin coffee, or bold blend. Indeed, the manufacturer wants to serve a premium package of coffee beans. That’s why they use innovative bags to keep the coffee beans fresh. You can feel the same flavor and aroma even if the beans are left unopened for up to 90 days. The roasting and best by dates information makes it easy to control the product quality. It is better to enjoy all coffee within 2 weeks once you open the package.


–        People are enjoying espresso from a company certified B corp.

–        The manufacturer has roasted for over 20 years in Portland, so they know the way to serve the best espresso beans.   

–        It contains 6 different flavors to choose from.


–        A Long shipping time seems to make people a little bit disappointed.

6. Cafe Bustelo Supreme Whole Bean Espresso Coffee 

The package of the Cafe Bustelo Supreme Whole Bean Espresso Coffee looks attractive with the combination of black, red, and yellow. You can try to enjoy this coffee if you want to drink a cup of fresh dark coffee with a rich flavor. The manufacturer roasts the coffee beans for espresso or cappuccino lovers. The Kosher certification shows that this product is premium and safe to drink. This coffee seems to be perfect for those who want to boost energy when they feel sleepy or get bored with their daily activity. It seems that the taste hits not only your mouth but also your brain. As a result, you get delicious coffee that brings your focus back. You can buy the 2 pounds in the pack of 1 and 2 pounds in the pack of 4. You are about to get the best espresso beans from the fine grind and slow roast process. The process makes this blend ideal for a variety of espresso machines.


–        People enjoy fresh coffee beans from 100% Arabica.

–        The blending process gives a great and smooth taste.

–        It boosts energy when you are sleepy or in a boring atmosphere.


–        This coffee is not suitable for people who love the strong and bitter flavor.

7. Larry’s Coffee Whole Beans 2 Pound, Secret Espresso

Larry’s Coffee shows its quality by producing a product with USDA-certified organic coffee. The company is also classified as a B-Corporation that often produces premium coffee. The package looks simple, along with a black and white model and also a person who drinks a cup of coffee. This product serves dark coffee with the sensation of velvety walnut molasses and melted chocolate in your mouth. The manufacturer tries to achieve this quality by blending beans from Nicaragua, Peru, and Honduras. The manufacturer also explains that they are using solar power, rainwater, and an owned biodiesel pump. The information on the back of the package shows that the manufacturer is not only thinking about profit but also the environment. Those who are looking for a cup of espresso with a creamy sensation with a note of dark chocolate and a warm toasted finish can try this espresso. It seems great to enjoy a cup of coffee without worrying that you are destroying nature.  


–        Organic espresso coffee beans.

–        The company uses solar power, rainwater, and a biodiesel pump to produce premium coffee beans.

–        The light taste seems suitable for all coffee lovers who want to taste a new sensation.


–        The product doesn’t get the FDA certification yet, so this coffee is not used or prevents any diseases or health conditions.    

8. Allegro Coffee Organic Espresso Sierra Whole Bean Coffee

Allegro Coffee Company is known as the first coffee producer in Colorado. They have operated since 1977 and produce a lot of premium coffee bean products. As one of the best espresso beans by Allegro, Allegro Coffee Organic Espresso Sierra is roasted based on ethical standards. The company hopes that the high-quality process produces a high-quality product for its customers. One of the strategies is by offering organic espresso coffee beans. You can also know the best date at the back of the package. The manufacturer even takes premium beans from Indonesia and Latin America to achieve their goals. As a result, you can also feel the taste, aroma, and sensation maximally until the last sip, check how to pick espresso beans here on This medium-dark roast product seems to have dark chocolate and caramel in your mouth. It is a good option for coffee lovers who love to drink a coffee with a rich taste.


–        The taste is delicious and fresh along with dark chocolate, caramel, and layered sensation.

–        First-time customers can brew the product maximally because of the instruction for the best brewing process in the package.

–        This product is ideal for a foundation for a cappuccino or latte.


–        There is only one package size. 

9. Caffee Borbone Espresso Whole Beans Italian Coffee

The modern package design makes this coffee bean product attractive. Indeed, the interesting thing about Caffee Borbone Espresso is not only about its package but also the quality of the product. The manufacturer imported the beans from Italy. Then, they produce and package the result in Napoli. You can choose two different versions, which are Miscela Blu and Miscela Top. Miscela Blu is sweeter compared to the Miscela Top. Both of them have a great aroma and powerful taste. You can serve or enjoy this coffee with biscuits, donuts, and other snacks while enjoying your relaxing time. It is also great to enjoy this coffee with friends and colleagues. The manufacturer offers 2.2 pounds in a pack of 1 and 2.2 pounds in a pack of 6. It seems that you can use this product as a special present or gift for friends or colleagues who are coffee lovers.


–        It has a stylish and simple package.

–        The manufacturer gets the beans from Italy, so people can enjoy premium espresso coffee beans.

–        The aroma and powerful taste can boost your mood and energy.

–        The taste is also great with biscuits, donuts, and other snacks.


–        It seems that the manufacturer can consider offering more packages and flavors.

10. Kimbo Extra Cream Espresso Whole Beans

You can buy Kimbo Extra Cream Espresso if you think that coffee beans from Italy are great. The company uses European standards to process the product. Let say they use the European method for the best dates information by putting the day, month, and year. This standard helps buyers to measure the expired date without thinking too long. The package is also great along with the sealing system. It helps to keep all the things that coffee lovers want when they open the package and enjoy the coffee. Do you like enjoying creamy coffee? This product is also a great option to try.


–        The package is durable enough to keep the product fresh until buyers open it.

–        Extra cream is perfect for coffee lovers who love the smooth taste.

–        The taste and aroma seem to make you relax.


–        The product only has one package size.

So, which one of the best espresso beans do you want to try? Choose the espresso coffee beans based on your preference. The best espresso beans products above offer something unique and different to you.   

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