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When you have the Nespresso machine you will need a Nespresso pod holder to store the coffee capsules. The recent popular way to make coffee is using the Nespresso machine. The Nespresso machine makes espresso coffee from the Nespresso capsules. It is quick to make a cup of coffee. 

Nespresso Pod Holder for Nespresso Original Line Capsules 

The options below are suggested for Original Line Nespresso capsules. Choose one of the lists if the machine type is an Original Line machine. These Nespresso pod holders are unable to handle the Vertuoline coffee capsules. 

  • Decobros Crystal Tempered Glass Nespresso Original Linen Drawer 

The DecoBros Crystal Tempered Glass Nespresso Original Linen Drawer is the first option for you who need compact and easy access storage. The pod holder is put underneath of Nespresso machine so it will not add too much space to your machine footprint on the countertop. It featured a tempered glass top. The drawer slides easily and is able to hold up to 42 original line capsules. It is one of the oldest and best pod storage solutions for years. However, it will take a lot of countertop space in your kitchen. When using this pod, put rubber feet to prevent it sliding or scratching. 

  • Youcopia Cafestack Nespresso Pod Organizer 

The YouCopia Cafestack Nespresso Pod Organizer can handle up to 60 Nespresso OriginalLine coffee capsules. It can work as a cabinet filling for coffee pods to sits beside the Nespresso machine. It featured five rows to handle 12 coffee capsules. To access the coffee capsules you need to slide out the row. The design and style with a black matte finish and brushed silver make it match with any design of your home and office. It has a premium design to appear. 

  • Flagship Revolving Carousel. 

If you need more storage for extra capsules, the Flagship Carousel can be a perfect solution for you. This pod holder can hold into 80 original lines. It is quite big and the stand design allows you to store the capsule vertically. The material is rust-free and durable too. The stand designs let you put the coffee capsules in vertical ways and mounted. The base has a revolving base so you do not need to revolve around it. 

  • OnDisplay Wall Mounted Acrylic Nespresso Capsule Pod Holder 

The Ondisplay wall-mounted acrylic is the storage system that lets you store 40 capsules in four columns. The coffee capsules are loaded from the top and will dispense from the bottom. The carousel system makes it easy to add a new capsule supply. It is easy to mount to the wall and lightweight. With the design, you no need to drill holes to hold it. Instead, you can use Velcro or 3M mounting strips to keep the pod holder in place. 

  • DecoBros Mesh Nespresso Capsule Holder 

Another item from DecoBros is the Mesh Drawer series. The top is made from solid metal and mesh material for the drawer. You will no need to worry it will break due to heavy use. The capacity can hold 56 coffee capsules. It has a higher capacity than the tempered glass top varies. 

  • Lily’s Home Nespresso Coffee Holder Carousel 

It is carousel-style to store your Nespresso coffee capsules stands on your countertop as well. This pod holder can hold up to 40 coffee capsules in four columns. The coffee capsules will slide from the top and dispense to the bottom. 

The lack of this pod holder is that the capsules can pop out accidentally from the top. It is best to store nine coffee capsules to avoid this happening. It is the best money value for carousel types and cost-effective too with premium design. The downside of the pods, when it filled with a maximum of 10 capsules the top can be occasionally pop out. It is best to keep the capsules maximum of nine to avoid this. 

  • Coffee Keepers Hanging Nespresso Pod holder 

It is the perfect solution if you need a Nespresso pod holder that not only space-saving but also easy to reach from your Nespresso machine. The Coffee Keepers pod holder able to mount to the underside of the cupboard and is folded when it is not in use. The holder can handle up to 40 capsules. It is the perfect solution for a small house that doesn’t have enough countertop size to meet with carousel or drawer storage type. It is one of the affordable coffee pod holders with a price under $20.

Nespresso VertuoLine Pod Holders Recommendation 

If you have Vertuo machine type, look at these Nespresso pod holders below to make your Nespresso collection stored and organized neatly. You can find different Nespresso pod holders with different styles and features to look at. 

  • DecoBros Tempered Glass VertuoLine Holder 

It is the winner to store your VertuoLine capsules with a sturdy look and efficient design. The glass design at the top delivers an elegant look. It is made from metal frames and legs to build strong and durable. This drawer can be set up beneath of machine to saves space. The capacity of the drawer can handle up to 40 small size capsules. If you store larger capsules, they can hold up to 20 capsules at a time. 

  • Nifty 5515 Nespresso VertuoLine Carousel 

It is a practical pod holder that perfect for your house. It has a beautiful tulip design able to handle up to 28 capsules. The diameter only 6.5 inches so it will be perfect to put on your countertop. The base can rotate up to 360 degrees so you can choose your selected flavors easily. The tulip carousel design makes it easier to pick out the capsules. The upright design of the holder presents an efficient solution to coffee capsule storage. 

  • Mind Reader Nespresso Capsule Pod Drawer organizer 

The other best pod holder for Nespresso is Mind Reader. It is the perfect option for those who are looking for modern storage with efficient features. The pod holders can handle up to 50 Nespresso Original Line capsules. You are also able to use this pod drawer to store 24 VertuoLine coffee capsules. It is durable and you can put this pod holder underneath the coffee machine without worrying break. The storage is designed to compromise with the heat coming from the machine so your coffee capsules will safe. 

  • EVERIE Vertuo Capsule Drawer 

EVERIE is one brand that gains popularity in recent years. It has a horizontal drawer and able to hold up to 40 big-size pods or 52 small pods. It has a solid metal frame that delivers perfect support to the glass top told the machine. 

  • SJINC Nespresso Coffee Pod Holder for VertoLine 

The SJINC pod holder has 60 capacities to store coffee capsules with easy-access design and neatness. The Nespresso pod holder design is compact, space-saving, and easy to use. The small base helps you to put the selected capsules by sliding them without making your countertop cluttered. 

Buying Guide for Nespresso Capsule Pod Holder 

Before you buy one, ensure to check the Nespresso machine type because the pods’ types are shaped differently. Consider the availability of space on your kitchen and how you enjoy your coffee. 

  • The Quantity 

When you are looking for a Nespresso pod holder, you will know that there are different storage amounts offered by different models. To help you decide before buying one, consider the type of space where you put it. If you put in office, bulk quantities of pod holder are a suitable option. 

  • Materials 

For long lasting and durable use it is best to use strong material. The metal material is resistant and durable as this material resist and withstands with temperature and deform. If the model design is horizontal, choose the material that able to support the weight. Plastic is other material that can be considered to choose but this material prone to deteriorate soon, combine the design with your coffee machine

  • Design

There are various shapes and sizes of pod holders available. The one that you choose depends on your style. On another side, you need to take into consideration in available space you have. The most common design you find in the market is the vertical one. The model can be designed with individual bars that are joined in square, rectangular, or circular base.  

The other model is horizontal models that featured an internal tray like a drawer. The tray is easy to be removed and stored which makes it practical. The drawer usually featured divisions to keep the coffee portions stay organized. The tray model is put under the machine in a single drawer to provide easy access to brewing your coffee. The carousel model is vertical storage with a rotating design. The best carousel design does not take much space and has a big capacity to store your Nespresso Pod Holders coffee capsules. 

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