Ultimate Guide How to Pick Espresso Beans For Your Taste

Pick Espresso Beans For Your Taste

There is nothing quite like a pulled espresso shot. The intense flavor and caffeine kick make this coffee become the most consumed in the world. But even though it looks like a simple coffee, there are certain things you need to know when shopping for the best quality of these coffee beans. Thus, here are the key points on how to pick the best espresso beans with your reference.

Ultimate Guide To Pick The Best Beans of Espresso

The Origin of the Coffee Beans

The flavor of your beans depends on the factors of its origin. Things like soil, shade, rainfall, chemistry, even the altitude can seriously impact the taste of your cup of espresso. Most of the coffee that is available in the world, come from coffee trees that grow in the region about twenty-five degrees north and thirty degrees south of it. Within this case, for about fifty countries produce a coffee.

For these reasons, some options are popular than others for several grounds in the market. There are a lot of espresso beans that are well known in the regional tropes such as Brazilian, Colombian, Ethiopian, Indonesian, Kenyan even Hawaiian. You can choose the variety of flavors based on the origin of the country. There will be specific characteristics and unique tastes in every coffee beans from these countries.

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For instance, if you expect to find anything from heady or floral brews coffee, Brazilian and Ethiopian beans have a lot of variety for you. Kenyan beans are grown with more sunlight exposure than most of the other regional coffees. That makes the taste of this coffee is quite savory with a bit of sweetness. Meanwhile, Indonesian beans are known as their specific variety names such as Java and Sumatran which feature a deeper body and strong taste.

Whole versus Pre Ground Beans

Do you notice that beans have a different shape? So what makes espresso beans vary? You may see the biggest diversity from the freshness of the beans. If they are pre-ground you can check the date on your beans. They won’t retain the freshness of the beans.  Furthermore, grinding your beans can add the flavors of the coffee. But the freshly grounded coffee can help compensate and make you a great cup of coffee.

Sumatra Mandheling: Regarded as one of the smoothest coffees in the world, these beans are very low in acidity. Featuring a heavy body, chocolaty aroma, and earthy, spicy undertones; the perfect rich brew

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How to Pick Espresso Beans
How to Pick Espresso Beans

Roast the Coffee Beans

To make your favorite espresso, you need to choose the roast time of the coffee beans. Indeed, dark roasts are the most favorite espresso brewing because they have low acidity and a full body. It also has the natural oils to contribute to the formation of crema. On the other hand, medium roasts can give you a little bit more mid-range of acidity and bit more of the espresso beans flavor.

In conclusion, you can either choose the intense coffee flavor or lighter coffee with a more complex medium roast or something in between. You need to be able to find a bean that suitable based on your taste. Remember that you should buy whole beans and grinds them by yourself to get the most perfect bean choice. So you can take into consideration to pick the best espresso product. If you are looking for this product, kindly check buying guide to best coffee machine for the best offers.

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