The basics about: Coffee


that’s right coffee why well why not when playing a game or watching something it’s a nice idea to have a drink nearby some people enjoy drinking tea others enjoy drinking coffee or maybe whiskey and even water why not if you’re interested in getting into drinking coffee well I know the basics and the basics are quite enough for you to enjoy a nice cup of coffee so keep watching and by the end of the video

Two Type of Coffee

you know the basics too there are basically two types of coffee or two types of coffee plants one of them is called
Arabica and the others called robusta there are some major differences between the two the Arabica coffee usually has a better
taste more smooth when compared to the robusta the robusta has more of that bitter taste that people don’t usually like very much but the robusta has almost the double caffeine than the Arabica does so if you’re looking for a nice taste you go for Arabica if you’re looking for caffeine you go to robusta so the Arabica coffee is usually more expensive than the robusta because the Arabica plant is more delicate it’s more prone to disease than the robusta the robusta plant will survive longer and give coffee the whole year long

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