The 6 Best Cuisiniart Coffeemakers in 2021

From the Cuisinart Coffee Center SS-15 to the DCC-1150 Classic, this Stamford, Connecticut company has been in the food-processing and coffee-making industries for about five decades. One look at a coffee machine from this brand, and you’ll know that you have a quality product producing coffees that tickle the senses.

However, coffeemakers come in different shapes, styles, sizes, and features. This particular notion is exceptionally true for Cuisinart. Hence, picking the right Cuisinart coffeemaker is critical to gain the best value for money, especially in 2021.

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Buying Guide

It can be easy to fall into the temptation of buying any Cuisinart coffeemaker you find sitting on a store shelf. But, avoid buyer’s remorse by considering some essential factors before spending cash on a particular model. Some of these elements are:

Machine Size

Ensure that you have the space to keep the machine. Otherwise, you may put the device at risk of falling and breaking if you put it on a small kitchen counter. Also, make sure that the coffeemaker’s space is sufficient enough to provide a substantial area for jutting components.

Cup Size

Are you the only coffee lover in your household? Do you want a machine that can brew for employees in a small office? Ask these questions while shopping for the right coffee-making machine. The unit should brew enough brews that can satiate all coffee drinkers in the immediate vicinity. Otherwise, you’re going to make too much or too little, and either scenario brews issues (no pun intended). 


Cup size should complement that carafe’s dimensions. Furthermore, the material used in the production of the coffee container may enhance the machine’s overall performance.

For example, Cuisinart coffeemakers with a stainless steel carafe may promote extra heating for coffees. So, you can brew more coffee than you want, let the beverage stay in the container for a few hours, and you can still enjoy warm blends.

However, make sure that the carafe also has a reasonably large opening. If it doesn’t, you’ll be having difficulties in cleaning the container.

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6 Best Cuisinart Coffeemakers in 2021

Cuisinart Coffee Center SS-15

The SS-15 Coffee Center coffeemaker is an amazing piece of coffee-making technology. This device comes with a single-serve option, perfect for brewing different cup sizes to serve brews for a single person or a large family.

Complementing this feature is a large water reservoir on the carafe. You can pour up to 60 oz. of water in this container, which should last about 7 to 8 cups of coffee on average.

Next, the kit already comes with a reusable coffee filter, and this component is generally absent in many coffeemakers, including those from Cuisinart. With this reusable filter, you can cut recurring costs. Plus, you can say goodbye to trips to the store when running out of coffee filters.

Another excellent feature to note is the machine’s programmable brewing. With it, you can always wake up to the sweet smell of freshly-brewed coffee. This feature also helps save a lot of time and effort, so you can start your day without worrying about the missing out on your favorite cup.

I found one shortcoming with this machine, and it’s with the reservoir’s lid. This component doesn’t open far enough, which can make it challenging for small spaces.

Aside from that minor caveat, you also get a breadth of other useful features, such as adjustable temperatures, easy cleanup, and automatic shutdown.


  • Multiple brewing sizes
  • Large water reservoir
  • Reusable coffee filter
  • Programmable brewing


  • The lid is difficult to open in small spaces


Cuisinart Perfectemp Coffee Maker DCC-3200P1

Say goodbye to routine cleaning and maintenance for your coffee machine when you have the Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 Perfectemp Coffee Maker.

Aside from this device making tasty brews, its descaling process is nothing short of convenient. You only need to fill the reservoir with two parts water and one part vinegar. Then, press and hold the clean button to let the machine cleanse itself.

Then there’s the unmistakable premium look and feel of the design. One look and you’ll know this device comes from Cuisinart. The pristine stainless steel and the premium black plastic goes well with the blue lights circling the buttons. Ultimately, it’s an aesthetic coffeemaker that can even make for a good conversation starter.

As for its brew flexibility, the Perfectemp offers more features in this department than the average drip coffee machine. You can choose between two brew strengths: regular and bold. Please note that the latter takes slightly longer to complete. However, the wait is going to be worth it as the flavors can fill every fiber of your being, tingling your senses from the roots.

This coffee machine could be better if refilling the water isn’t quite challenging. The opening has a tiny space, which requires some maneuvering to avoid spillage.


  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Exclusive look and feel
  • Excellent brew flexibility


  • Water reservoir opening is tiny


Cuisinart Brew Central DCC-1200

Cuisinart is a consumer-oriented company, and it shows with the DCC-1200 Brew Central coffeemaker. With this device, you can discover nuances that provide optimal convenience in brewing that perfect daily cup of coffee.

Its convenience-focused features begin with the machine’s ability to brew up to 12 cups of coffee at one time. Hence, you can brew coffee for an entire office or a large family without worrying if someone’s going to be left out.

Albeit this Cuisinart coffeemaker doesn’t take advantage of a “one-touch” function, buttons exist for relatively every function you need to brew that ideal cup. Thus, this device is ideal for the coffee connoisseur that likes fine-tuning their blends.

The design takes a simple approach. But, it’s this minimalist aesthetic that appeals to contemporary households. Gone are the complicated-looking knobs and levers in commercial-looking coffee machines. Instead, this device offers a sleek surface made of brushed metal and hard plastic.

However, the built-in clock-slash-timer is an LCD panel, which means it’s not backlit. It’s almost impossible to see the digits if you’re trying to brew coffee with this machine under bright lights.


  • Brew up to 12 cups of coffee
  • Each button has specific functions
  • Contemporary design


  • LCD panel isn’t backlit


Cuisinart Coffeemaker DCC-1100BKP1

Among the many Cuisinart coffee machines on the market, the DCC-1100BKP1 sits at a relatively reasonable price point. Hence, this device might be a good choice for coffee lovers in a fairly tight budget. But, don’t let the lower price tag fool you into thinking this coffeemaker isn’t on par with its more expensive siblings.

First, it has a black and silver appearance that screams premium in just about every way you look at it. Further, its reasonably compact dimensions and weight make it an ideal choice for small spaces.

Opening the box, you’ll find that the kit already has all the essential accessories needed to make that perfect cup of coffee. In detail, it has a permanent water filter, charcoal water, and a measuring scoop. It also has a guide book for beginner coffee connoisseurs

Then there’s the stainless steel carafe, which keeps the freshly-brewed coffee warm for a decent amount of time. The machine can also brew and hold up to 12 cups of coffee at once.

Still, it would be a better coffeemaker if its pouring area is larger than its current offering. Further, the LCD clock doesn’t have a backlight which makes viewing angles more challenging than usual, especially in brightly-lit scenarios.


  • Reasonable price point
  • Premium black and silver appearance
  • Vital accessories included
  • Can brew and hold up to 12 cups of coffee


  • Small pouring area
  • No backlight on LCD clock


Cuisinart Thermal Coffeemaker DCC-3400P1

Experience modern coffee-making technology with the Cuisinart DCC-3400P1 Thermal Coffeemaker. This device ensures hot coffee temperatures without the worry of sacrificing brew quality and flavor.

Its bevy of handy features begin with the convenient brew-strength control. With it, you can control the brew’s strength on-the-fly. Keep in mind that this feature only has two options: Regular and Bold. However, those selections should be enough for most coffee drinkers.

Another great feature is the machine’s programming. It’s a fully-automatic device that brews your favorite blends with minimal to zero human interactions. Now, you can wake up to your favorite cup every day with this Cuisinart coffeemaker.

One reasonably distinct feature found on this device is the brew-pause function. Use it to enjoy a cup of coffee before the machine finishes its brewing cycle. Also, the LCD display has a backlight, which makes this device one step above its many competitors.

The design is also pleasing to the eye. But, it’s not one without some shortcomings. In particular, it’s a bit challenging to empty the carafe. Pouring that last bit of coffee from the container offers some difficulty, but it doesn’t get in the way in the overall performance of this product.


  • Ensures coffee is hot and tasty
  • Convenient brew-strength control
  • Automatic programming feature
  • Pause the brewing any time
  • Pleasing design


  • Carafe is difficult to empty


Cuisinart Premium Coffeemaker SS-10P1

Last on this list, but not least, is the Cuisinart SS-10P1 Premium Coffeemaker. This device offers top-notch flexibility, thanks to its plethora of useful features for relatively every coffee lover.

Kick-starting its list of excellent features is its five brew settings. You can use it to brew either 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 oz. cups. Further, this unit’s design makes it possible to be compatible with relatively any brand of single cup pod on the market. Hence, you can use Keurig pods with this Cuisinart coffeemaker if you desire.

Moving forward, the blue LCD display is backlit. This particular component also has a decent amount of features for extra convenience, such as a 24hour clock. Additionally, this device is fully-programmable, which means it can automatically turn on and brew coffee at a pre-determined schedule.

Another feature that sets this machine apart from the crowd is its massive removable 72-oz. water reservoir. It even has a charcoal water filter to ensure that the water mixed with your preferred coffee grounds is potable.

This machine also has a rinse feature. Use it, and the device cleans the brew chamber, which you can use after each brewing session.

However, the brewing performance is average at best. It produces blends that is slightly weaker than its siblings. Still, this Cuisinart coffeemaker is a good choice for individuals who don’t want “punchy” flavors for their coffees.


  • Five brewing settings
  • Backlit LCD
  • Fully-programmable
  • Massive water reservoir
  • Easy to clean


  • Coffee strength is slightly weaker than others


How to Clean a Cuisinart Coffeemaker

Before proceeding to the best Cuisinart coffee machines of 2021, it’s important to ensure that the device works optimally. So, here’s a quick step-by-step guide to clean a coffeemaker from this brand.

  •  Turn the coffeemaker off.
  •  Disconnect the device from the electrical outlet.
  •  Lift the reservoir cover to open.
  •  Remove the filter. Discard it if it’s disposable.
  •  Wash the filter basket with warm, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly afterward.
  •  Clean the other parts with a clean, damp cloth.
  •  Place the parts in the upper rack of a dishwasher to dry.
  •  Reassemble the parts once dried.

Keep in mind that the cleaning and maintenance procedures might be different for each Cuisinart coffeemaker. Consult your owner’s manual or contact Cuisinart if you have concerns regarding these processes.

“Don’t use any harsh cleansers in cleaning any component of your Cuisinart coffeemaker. Strong cleaning solutions might lead to part degradation and poor device performance.”

Final Words

Make sure to consider the essential factors when selecting the best Cuisinart coffeemaker. Still, out of all the products listed in this article, the Cuisinart Coffee Center SS-15 is the top pick.

Although this product has a tiny opening for its water reservoir, it makes up for this one shortcoming with its plethora of top-notch features. Additionally, its functions fit both residential and commercial use.

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