All You Need to Know About White Coffee

As we already know, drinking coffee becomes part of a modern lifestyle. Some people even need to have a cup of their favorite coffee before they start their day. Since it is getting more and more popular, many various kinds of coffee are introduced, especially by those who are in the coffee business, in order to serve one-of-a-kind coffee. One of the coffee kinds that attract so many coffee lovers is white coffee.

Most of us know that coffee is mostly black. Sometimes it turns brown because of the addition of creamer or milk. So, it is not surprising that people are getting confused when they know there is a coffee variant named white coffee. Does white coffee really exist? Moreover, in the past few years, white coffee in the form of instant coffee is really popular.

White coffee is considered as a kind of coffee that is safer for the stomach. Is it true that white coffee is safer for your health compared to other kinds of coffee? What is white coffee exactly? If you want to know more about this variant of coffee, here is all that you need to know about white coffee.

What is White Coffee?

what is White Coffee
what is White Coffee

The name of white coffee is indeed taken from the pale color of the coffee. White coffee is not as black as the original black coffee. However, unlike many people expect, white coffee is produced from ordinary coffee beans that are not white in color. Regardless of its name, the color of white coffee is not white. Once you have brewed it, you will notice that the color of white coffee looks light brown.

Both white coffee and black coffee are made from the same kind of coffee beans. What makes them different is the roasting process. Same as black coffee, white coffee is produced from Robusta coffee or Arabica coffee. During the roasting process, white coffee uses margarine in order to create a lighter strength of taste. Moreover, white coffee is ground along with margarine, palm oil, or olive oil. After the grinding process, white coffee is brewed with condensed milk and hot water.

A barista will usually ‘pull’ this coffee in order to cool it down and unites the taste. By pulling the coffee, natural foam will also appear. Actually, the definition of white coffee can be varied, depending on the region. In English-speaking countries, for example, the term white coffee refers to black coffee combined with milk or creamer, or a product derived from corn syrup, soybean, and peanut poured at room temperatures.

White coffee is also known as light coffee, regular coffee, or coffee with milk. In the United States of America, white coffee is coffee beans heated until the yellow roast level. Since the heating process does not take long, the natural sugar contained in the coffee beans is not caramelized. So, you can still taste the bitter flavor in white coffee. Baristas use white coffee to make espresso instead of regular brewed coffee. It is quite acidic with a trace of a nutty taste.

In the States, white coffee is produced from coffee beans that are briefly roasted until they are brown in color. Then, it produces a brownish, watery coffee drink with high acidity known as espresso. In Yemen, white coffee is made from the skin of coffee beans with an addition of spices. As you can see, white coffee can be varied depending on the region or country.

Where White Coffee Comes From

Where White Coffee Comes From
Where White Coffee Comes From

It is said that white coffee came from Ipoh, Malaysia. Thong Lian coffee shop owners developed this type of coffee in the city in the early 20th century. They wanted to serve their customers with something new and unique and they tried many various ways to create a new kind of coffee. Finally, Thong Lian coffee shop owners managed to develop white coffee, which became popular around Ipoh. A lot of customers and coffee lovers came to Ipoh in order to enjoy white coffee. This made white coffee gained amazing popularity and was exported overseas. White coffee became popular as well in other countries, such as England, Australia, and the United States of America.

Thong Lian developed white coffee by briefly roasting coffee beans as well as adding margarine and palm oil. So, the coffee beans are not too dark or too black. When they brew it, they add condensed milk in order to add a savory yet sweet taste. Since white coffee came from Ipoh Malaysia, this kind of coffee is also known as Ipoh white coffee. Thong Lian coffee shop owners use Arabica coffee beans or Robusta coffee beans and they roast them until light in color.

However, there is also a saying that white coffee actually came from Yemen. It is said that white coffee was invented in the country about 100 years ago. The beans used to make white coffee are roasted at 325⁰F. Moreover, it also requires a special commercial grinder in order to grind the beans. Once brewed, white coffee is pale beige in color. It also has a nutty flavor and it is not as bitter as black coffee. Back then, white coffee was traditionally served with a spice from Yeoman named Hawaji. As it is said before, this kind of coffee is recommended to make espresso.

White coffee is not the same as Flat White. Flat white refers to the balance of milk and espresso. On the other hand, white coffee refers to the roasting process for the coffee beans that is very light and brief. The roasting process for white coffee is incredibly light and brief so that the coffee beans do not have the brown color associated with roasted coffee beans.

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White Coffee VS Black Coffee

Many people consider that white coffee is safer and healthier for the stomach compared to regular black coffee. White coffee is roasted at lower temperatures, leading to an increase in antioxidant molecules and chlorogenic acid. These properties are great for reducing inflammation as well as for cardiovascular health. This is why white coffee becomes a healthier alternative for regular black coffee. This way, coffee addicts can still enjoy coffee without being too worried about their health.

Different from regular coffee that has more distinctive tastes, it can be hard to determine the various flavors of white coffee beans. It is said that there are differences in white coffee beans that are related to various regions in the world. So, if you want to have the best idea of a certain country’s flavor, it will be better if you order your cup of white coffee by geographical region.

White coffee from Brazil and Columbia has nuttier and milder flavors. White coffee from Ethiopia and Kenya tastes a bit more earthy. If you want to try aromatic white coffee, you should try the one from Sumatra, Indonesia. The distinctive flavor of white coffee comes from the processing of the coffee beans. White coffee beans and harder than black coffee beans. So, the processing requires a special grinder to grind the coffee beans.

How White Coffee Tastes Like

Different from black coffee that has a wide variety of characteristic flavors, white coffee usually has very particular flavors. This is perhaps because of the roasting process as well as the coffee beans used to produce white coffee. White coffee is typically described to have a nutty taste with a low level of bitterness and bitterness acidity. The bitterness of white coffee is gone during the roasting process.

The roasting process for white coffee beans determines the specific taste of white coffee. Unlike black coffee beans that are roasted at high temperatures, white coffee beans are roasted at lower temperatures so that the natural sugar contained in the beans is not caramelized. This means you will not taste any bitter aftertaste when you drink white coffee. Moreover, there is no evaporation of organic acids from the white coffee beans. This makes white coffee have a bright acidic flavor.

Caffeine Contained in White Coffee

White coffee is commonly assumed to have a higher level of caffeine compared to regular coffee. This can be true and this can be mistaken as well. In theory, the more the coffee beans are roasted, the more they lose their caffeine content. This means that black coffee beans contain less caffeine since they are roasted at high temperatures. On the other hand, white coffee beans are briefly roasted at lower temperatures. Once again, this is partially true.

Though there is a little difference when it comes to caffeine content, it is very small and less significant when you compare the growing processes in different areas. For example, tall coffee beans that grow in Ethiopia have more caffeine content compared to coffee beans grown in Brazil. It is because the beans sit longer on the tree so that they absorb more nutrients.

If you make a comparison between dark roast beans and light roast beans, you will usually find a difference of about 5.4 percent extra caffeine contained in light roast beans. This difference is somehow almost negligible. It is because the difference is not enough to significantly affect the taste of neurological effects. Moreover, such a difference also should not determine whether you choose light roast coffee or dark roast coffee.

For your information, caffeine itself is a stimulant that can cause digestive problems, such as nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. During the grinding process, the coffee beans will be processed in such a way with low temperatures. Therefore, the caffeine content in white coffee will remain only a little. The taste is also less sour and much softer than other types of coffee.

Side Effects of Drinking White Coffee

Though white coffee seems to be healthier compared to other kinds of coffee, you still need to be careful. It is because everyone’s body is different. Your body might be very sensitive to caffeine so that having only a small portion of caffeine can cause particular reactions. Besides digestive problems, some other side effects of white coffee include insomnia, headache, heart beat faster, and ringing in the ears.

Things to Consider When Drinking White Coffee

You have to remember that white coffee is processed with the addition of palm oil, olive oil, or margarine. So, every cup of white coffee contains both more saturated fat and unsaturated fat than regular coffee. Every cup of white coffee contains around 5 grams of saturated fat and 7 grams of unsaturated fat.

Moreover, the addition of milk will also increase the fat content you consume. So, if you are on a diet to lose weight, limiting your consumption of fat, trying to lower your cholesterol, it will be better if you do not drink too much white coffee. You should also be careful with the sugar contained in instant white coffee. Instant coffee usually contains additional sugars or sweeteners. Excess sugar can increase the risk of causing metabolic disorders, increased appetite, increased blood sugar, and even type 2 diabetes.

You are suggested to drink white coffee only 2 cups a day. If you drink instant white coffee, choose products that do not contain additional sugars or sweeteners.

How to Roast White Coffee

The light roasting process for white coffee is usually applied to accentuate the distinctive flavors of single-origin coffee beans. The coffee beans come from a specific region and they are not mixed with other beans from other regions for different tastes. Single-origin coffee beans have unique characteristics and a light roasting process is able to gently bring out those unique characteristics.

In order to identify the coffee beans and the region where it comes from, it is best to use a light roasting process on single-origin coffee beans. When you roast the coffee beans at a temperature of about 325 degrees Fahrenheit, you will be able to release the typical flavor of the coffee bean without burning up and eliminating the healthy properties. This light roasting process allows you to identify the coffee beans based on their region.

How to Make White Coffee

As it is said before, white coffee is usually used to make espresso-based beverages. This kind of coffee is typically not brewed the same way as the regular coffee is brewed. So, if you are curious about how to make a shot of espresso with white coffee, below are some guides that you can follow.

  • If you buy whole coffee beans, grind them first by using a grinder. Grind the coffee beans until their consistency looks and feels like brown sugar.
  • Then, put the ground coffee loosely into your espresso portafilter. Make sure you do not tamp them down.
  • After that, run a shot of water through the grounds. You can throw this first shot away since you will not use it.
  • Leave the espresso portafilter in the machine, then run a single or double shot through your espresso portafilter again. You will use this second shot as the base of the espresso beverage.
  • Finally, you can serve and enjoy your white espresso shot the same way as you would with regular espresso.

The Best White Coffee Products

If you want to buy white coffee, the most accessible place to buy it online is Amazon. This online retailer provides a broad variety of white coffee beans, both whole coffee beans and ground coffee beans. If you are looking for the best and most recommended white coffee to try, Amazon offers a wide selection. As it is said before, white coffee beans are hard and difficult to grind though you are using a top grinder. So, you are suggested to guy the beans ground. Below is the best white coffee that you can buy on Amazon.

Wired Willey’s White Coffee, 2 lb

Wired Willey's,light roast White Coffee, 2 Pound,32
1,651 Reviews
Wired Willey's,light roast White Coffee, 2 Pound,32
  • Wired Willeys White Coffee has a unique nutty flavor along with the maximum amount of caffeine.
  • Extremely lightly roasted - lower acid than darker roasts.

If you are searching for a healthier alternative to darker roasts, Wired Willey’s White Coffee can be your choice. Wired Willey’s is ground white coffee that is low in acidity and has a tasty nutty flavor. While darker roasts taste a bit bitter, Wired Willey’s White Coffee tastes nutty and smooth. If you want to enhance the flavor, try to add some spices to it. For example, you can add ginger or cardamom.

Do not tamp this ground white coffee too much when you are brewing it. If you tamp it too much, you will prevent its best flavor from releasing. So, you will not get the best taste of this white coffee. Instead, opt for a loose tamp.

SDREAM Coffee Carafe Stainless Steel,Heavy Duty Thermal Carafe

Nescafe Ipoh White Coffee 

Nescafe Ipoh White Coffee (White Coffee Original, 2 Packs)
327 Reviews
Nescafe Ipoh White Coffee (White Coffee Original, 2 Packs)
  • ★ Nescafé Ipoh White Coffee Original
  • ★ Premix Instant Coffee, Ready in 30 Seconds!

The next best white coffee that you should try is Nescafe Ipoh White Coffee. Nescafe Ipoh White Coffee enables you to enjoy a cup of tasty white coffee anywhere. You will be able to get a taste of the authentic flavor made from Malaysian white coffee beans. Unlike most white coffee products, Nescafe Ipoh White Coffee comes in convenient sachets or instant. This instant white coffee is both flavorsome and aromatic, allowing you to taste the amazing flavor of white coffee beans at any time and anywhere.

Nescafe is a popular coffee brand known for its convenient coffee options. Nescafe Ipoh White Coffee is tasty, practical, and convenient as well. It offers you a great blend of creamy white coffee without you needing to tamp or brew. You just need to add water to enjoy delicious white coffee.

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Caffe Appassionato Ground White Coffee, Caffe Bianco

Caffe Appassionato Ground White Bianco 2 Lb, Coffee, 32 Oz
1,317 Reviews
Caffe Appassionato Ground White Bianco 2 Lb, Coffee, 32 Oz
  • Extremely lightly roasted coffee, This 'white coffee' Blend is comprised of 100% Arabica coffee beans
  • It offers a distinct nutty, light bodied, high caffeine coffee experience

When you choose the wrong coffee beans or you do not properly grind the beans, this can fail you from enjoying a cup of tasty white coffee. But, do not be worried because Caffe Appassionato Ground White Coffee can help you. Caffe Appassionato has been in the game and producing high-quality white coffee since 1990, in Seattle, Washington. So, you do not have to doubt them when it comes to experience. They produce a dense traditional white coffee that is filled with flavors by applying short, roasting times.

This is why Caffe Appassionato Ground White Coffee is the best option on Amazon for pre-ground white coffee. This white coffee from Caffe Appassionato is slightly roasted in the extreme. This brings out and accentuates the flavor without burning out the healthy property of the coffee beans. The brand uses only 100% Arabica coffee beans that have a nutty, light-bodied coffee with a high caffeine content. This is to make sure that this white coffee maintains its highest quality standards and meet its description. For your information, Caffe Appassionato Ground White Coffee is hand roasted

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White Coffee – 1lb bag of Ground White Coffee Beans Roasted By Poverty Bay Coffee Co, Special Grind

Poverty Bay White Tornado White Coffee Beans 1lb Bag Light Roast Coffee
  • WHAT IS WHITE COFFEE: White Coffee is coffee beans that have been slow roasted to a much lower tempurature, it has up to 50% more...
  • HOW ITS MADE: White Coffee is made by roasting coffee beans at a lower temperature and for half of the time that regular coffee is...

Poverty Bay Coffee Co is a coffee company that is fully committed to support farmers who use sustainable agriculture. Support is given by offering a sustainable price to qualifying farmers. Poverty Bay Coffee Co provides various, high-quality gourmet coffee, both single-bean and blended. They also offer premium micro-roasted beans and cold-brewed beans that are available in both caffeinated and decaffeinated versions. If you do not want to buy ground coffee, the company can ship whole coffee beans with various grinding options. You can have a fresher taste by grinding the coffee beans yourself.

Poverty Bay Coffee Co is the best option if you wish to buy high-quality white coffee from a sustainable seller who supports local industry. This coffee company offers a broad variety of coffee beans to choose from. Moreover, they are available in various versions as well, such as ground, ungrounded, caffeinated, and decaffeinated.

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Espresso Classico WHITE Ground Gourmet Coffee

Last but not least is Bargreen’s Coffee Espresso Classico. Bargreen’s Coffee Espresso Classico has a delicious, nutty flavor. This coffee is also low in acidity and high in caffeine. Drinking this white coffee will give you different experiences. Bargreen’s Coffee Espresso Classico is a recommended alternative to regular black coffee or dark coffee.

You can use this coffee to make tasty strong coffee without the bitter aftertaste. Bargreen’s Coffee Espresso Classico does not have the same flavor as dark roast coffee. This coffee is great for any occasions, but you must prepare it properly with care.

That is all you need to know about white coffee. So, have you ever tasted this popular coffee? Or, do you start to get interested in trying it?

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