Get to Know How to Evaluate the Best Coffee for Espresso

How to Evaluate the Best Coffee for Espresso
How to Evaluate the Best Coffee for Espresso

Espresso is one of the strong styled coffees that are most people like. At the same time, people went out to the local coffee shop for a shot of espresso. But, you can have a good quality of espresso if you can evaluate some important aspects.  Significantly, you can determine the consistency, flavors, and the freshness of the coffee that you are going to enjoy. Here is our explanation to pick the best coffee for espresso you should consider.

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Three Ways to Evaluate the Best Quality for Espresso

1. The Aspect from Storage of the coffee

With the proper packaging, the whole beans of coffee can be stored up to four weeks in sealed bags. It still is fully flavored although the ideal drinking period is two weeks. So, if you want to have the best quality of coffee, you need to consider the storage of the beans. Coffee should always be stored in one-way degassing valve bags or containers. These make the CO2 enable to escape while preventing oxygen from entering the storage.

2. Deciding Arabica vs. Robusta Coffee Beans

If you want to have the best coffee for espresso in high quality, at least you need to choose the right bean. Coffee in the market often contains a blend of Arabica and Robusta. While in the coffee houses sell only Arabica beans since it has a rich flavor. On the contrary, Robusta has more caffeine and fewer flavors. Then, if you want to have the excellent quality from your coffee, Arabica beans is a very good choice to make a good espresso that you want.

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3. The Flavor of Coffee for Espresso

After you take consideration of the importance to store the coffee beans, you can determine the quality of coffee by evaluating the flavor. Best coffee for espresso covers the perception of all qualities including the acidity, aroma, the body, sweetness or bitterness, and aftertaste of the coffee. However, the best coffee achieves a balance between all these qualities without dominating one of the sides of these components.

Start with the aroma, you can smell of fresh-ground to indicate the freshness of the coffee as well as its high quality. Some typical aroma can be floral and nutty. But, the best quality coffee tends to have a strong aroma and a little bit of bitter taste. Indeed, the bitterness of coffee flavor particularly true in espresso that becomes the basic taste to detect the class of coffee. This can add the fullness of the best coffee for espresso flavor.

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Based on the explanation, if you are looking to refine your coffee drinking experience, you need to observe some aspects. From concerning the storage of the coffee beans, the type of the beans, and the flavor that is produced from the coffee, your ways can be varied. Coffee quality is important for you to determine the level of low price or the high price of the beans. So, if you want to enjoy the best value from your delighted espresso drink, you can check and buy in our store to get the best pick.

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