Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine, 1, Platinum Review

If you are a fan of espresso, you better be brewing your very own espresso rather than spend your valuable time lining up at your favourite coffee shop. In order to do that, you just need reliable equipment to make your own espresso shot. Even better if you get a coffee machine that can produce Americanos and Cappuccinos as well, so you can enjoy different kinds of beverages in one machine. You can find those qualities in the Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine. It is available in black and platinum. If you want to have a coffee machine that screams classy and elegance you should go with the platinum. Moreover, this coffee machine can do more than keep you safe from the inconvenience of going to your favourite coffee shop.

Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine at a Glance 

You can enjoy cappuccinos, Americanos, and espressos easily with the Jura D6. This coffee machine is produced by Swiss company. The company will make sure that you can make your coffee easily and conveniently, so you won’t have to break a sweat. Most importantly, this coffee machine is designed specifically so you will have your very own coffee in the shortest amount of time possible. You won’t ever be wasting your precious time making coffee because of this machine. 

Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine, 1, Platinum
294 Reviews
Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine, 1, Platinum
  • VERSATILITY: Cappuccino, espresso and coffee maker
  • OPERATION: Plain text display or Smart Connect App control

As expected from Jura, this Jura D6 will give you a well-built and high performance coffee machine. Jura D6 is also emphasizing its strong point which lays on its functionality. While creating this particular coffee machine, the company wants you to enjoy your coffee with as little fuss as possible. Thus, they incorporated some innovations in the design of Jura D6. The innovation begins with a really simple control knob that enables you to easily access a feature rich menu. Furthermore, there are some options to customize the overall experience as well as to make the preservation of the machine easier for you. 

Talking about convenience, Jura D6 is so ready to entertain the smart connect technology. This is one Jura D6 strong point because other more expensive models of Jura don’t allow for such qualities. For example, D6 is equipped with smart filtration technology to make sure that a cup of coffee will taste a lot better than the one that you got from your local coffee shop. Another smart technology that is installed in the D6 is a Pulse Extraction  Process technology which ensures wonderful drinks that come complete with the full flavour of coffee beans. 

Jura D6 is one of the most affordable units from Jura, but you need to know that its price tag is still considered at the higher end of the market. This kind of thing can be quite concerning for you who are budget-conscious folks, specifically right now when other brands are also upgrading their games. 

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Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine Pros 

  • Jura D6 is equipped with the Pulse Extraction Process Technology 
  • It is very convenient to use because it is equipped with Smart Connect Technology 
  • It has very durable and faster built-in grinder 
  • It is very easy to programme and operate
  • It is equipped with fast-heating boiler system
  • You can easily make adjustment while the machine is running
  • It has smart sensors to ease the maintenance of the machine 
  • It is the most affordable Jura coffee machine
  • It comes with pre-brew system

Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine Cons 

  • Jura D6 only provides you with three recipes which are Americanos, espressos and cappuccinos
  • It has no bypass to maintain the dose 
  • The mix texture can be extremely foamy 
  • Its self-cleaning technology can cause some problems for you

Jura D6 Design 

This coffee machine is perfect for you guys who have a small kitchen, because this coffee machine is specially built to not take much space on your countertop. It has an appearance that looks like a box in which will take up your countertop that is at least 13.5 inches deep and 11 inches deep. You can add more space, so you can place any other accessories as well as guarantee the stability and security to the machine. This machine is also not very tall. It will only need a vertical clearance  of about 16.5 inches. 


Furthermore, you will find a removable water tank on the left side of the machine. You can refill the tank in two ways. You can remove the tank and then refill it in the sink, or you can also refill the tank directly in the machine. Whatever way you prefer, you need to keep the filter that comes with the unit, so you can enjoy coffee with a better taste as well as get rid of the hassle of descaling the unit. 

On the right side of the coffee machine, you will find the coffee bean hopper. It is equipped with a cover that helps you to keep the freshness of your beans. Underneath the cover you will find the grind adjustment that will be useful for you, when you tweak the strength of your coffee.  Meanwhile, on the Jura D6 front panel you can find the usual arrangements of controls, sprouts as well as trays. You will also find two large knobs on the both sides of the panel. You will use the left dial to make your coffee. 

Additionally, you can easily make milk-based beverages with this coffee machine because the spout is ingenious. Both the coffee and milk spouts are next to each other, so you can simultaneously process your milk and coffee. It is also equipped with a dreg box that is sufficient enough to accommodate the spent coffee grounds. The tray is also wide enough to keep your countertop safe from any spill. 

Jura D6 Features and Functionalities 

This coffee machine belongs to the entry level coffee machine from Jura company, thus Jura D6 does not have that many advanced features and technologies that you can see from the high end of Jura models. However, this coffee machine still has some innovations that can easily outperform those high end Jura models. Below are some innovations that make this coffee machine worth buying.

Ingenious Pulse Extraction Process 

As we all know that this coffee machine is equipped with the Pulse Extraction Process technology that will easily bring out the full flavour of any coffee bean that you put in the hopper. Furthermore, this technology guarantees the maximum extraction required to produce the perfect espresso. With this technology you get a coffee that has almost delicious aroma and heavenly taste. 

Modest Programming 

It has buttons that will ease you to prepare your cup of coffee. You can easily prepare perfect coffee specialities with just a touch of a button. It also only requires a little bit of your time. Most importantly, it has modest programming systems that are easy to program and operate. With this machine you can customize and adjust the strength of your coffee. Furthermore, you can also adjust the volume as well as the height of the coffee spout.

Durable and Efficient Grinder and Boiler System

Even though Jura D6 only uses a single boiler and a stainless steel conical burr grinder, it is understandable on so many levels because incorporating another boiler and using ceramic grinder can increase the price immensely. The good thing about this grinder is that it comes with 5 grind levels which is decent enough for first-time users. 

Digital plain text display with rotary dial, this makes the machine easy to operate or can program any of the 7 different specialties by setting

Simple Operating Concept

Very Convenient Frothing 

You can easily add the milk froth to your coffee with this machine. It can happen because Jura D6 placed the milk froth spout next to the coffee spout. Thus, you don’t have to move your cup from the other spout in order to make a perfect cup of cappuccino. 

Pure Water Quality 

This coffee machine is worth buying because it is also equipped with an Intelligent Water System (I.W.S) with RFID technology. Furthermore, this technology will alert you when the filter needs to be changed. 

The Final Verdict on Jura D6

All in all, the Jura D6 Automatic coffee machine is an amazing coffee machine that you can count on to create great coffee every time. However, you can only enjoy three recipes of coffee which are cappuccino, Americano and also espresso. Regardless, this coffee machine is one of the most reliable coffee machines for you. And if you are a simple person who likes simple operations as well as its easy maintenance, you should get this Jura D6 Automatic coffee machine, preferably in platinum. 


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