JURA E8 Chrome Automatic Coffee Machine

Nowadays, making espresso has not changed much in the last 100 years since the original machine was discovered. Jura company also believed that they have perfected the process with this JURA E8 Chrome Automatic Coffee Machine. You should know that an automatic and modern espresso machine also forces a blast of hot water throughout finely ground coffee. This coffee machine also comes up with Jura E8 and it is easy to use.  It warns you when this machine needs to be cleaned when the spent grounds drawer needs to be dumped, you can get all the different programming functions. It shows you with a modern sense of style.

Produces perfectly rich milk foam for one-touch cappuccino, latte macchiato, flat white

Perfect milk foam

What makes this Jura E8 is a must-buy for coffee lovers who know technology is the Smart Connect wireless attachment. You can use it with an app on your tablet or smartphone, and you can wirelessly be connected to your coffee machine for complete customization from anywhere, even when you do not get close to this machine. You should know that the most necessary aspect of an automatic espresso machine is how good your coffee is. This article also helps you on how to choose the best automatic coffee machine. 

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Things to know about JURA E8 Chrome Automatic Coffee Machine

You should know that this Jura machine is the premium espresso machine that will satisfy even the pickiest of coffee lovers as well. It comes up with the automatic milk frother system, and cutting edge brewing system, You should know that this machine comes with frothy coffee recipes at your fingertips. Although it is quite expensive, you should know that Jura is a well-known company and lover for their products and you will get perfect quality.

How good is a coffee that you will get? 

You should know that this Jura E8 Smart Coffee Machine gives you a big difference. You will get a thick and frothy coffee cup with the luxury espresso. It gives you the mouthfeel that is usually lacking in many automatic espresso machines. What things that can be achieved by a professional barista, then you can get it now in your home. Of course, the bean quality also makes a big difference. You can use fresh and high-quality beans to make a better espresso cup. 

JURA E8 Chrome Automatic Coffee Machine
25 Reviews
JURA E8 Chrome Automatic Coffee Machine
  • ONE TOUCH: Prepare 16 barista quality specialties including espresso, coffee, cappuccino, flat white and latte macchiato at the touch...
  • PERFECT ESPRESSO: Ultimate coffee quality thanks to JURA's exclusive Pulse Extraction Process

There is an option if you use pre-ground coffee. This pre-ground coffee is very handy even if you love using whole beans. If someone wants to get a coffee without caffeine, then you do not need to take all beans out of the hopper and you can load with the decaf as well. You just need to use decaf powder more easily. You will feel amazed at how much it takes like a regular coffee thanks to its pulse extraction process. 

At this point, this machine will automatically rinse itself with the hot water before making a coffee. It does not avoid getting any coffee residue from tainting your fresh coffee, but it will warm up the group head. When the group head gets warm, the temperature of the water will keep consistent when passing through. You should know that there are some adjustments that you have to know first to get your preferred coffee style. There are some different coarseness of water temperature, grind, and water level. You have perfected exactly how you will enjoy a coffee. Ensure that you will get a perfect cup every time. 


How to use the froth milk system? 

Do you use your fingers to press the button? Then it will not be simpler to make a fine cappuccino and latte. You should know that there is a hue that extends the machine which can be placed directly to the milk jug. To get a more effective procedure, then you can purchase the optional vacuum-sealed milk cup that connects to the hue directly. 

You will get a tight foam to perfect your amazing layered latte or cappuccino. The best part is that you do not change the spot where the coffee has been made into the place where the milk is foamed. Then you can choose the right temperature for milk as you want. So, you can choose a cappuccino or a latte. Walk away, then get back finding out a perfect frothy coffee for you. 

JURA E8 Is it worth it? 

If you are interested in a technology that you need to get the latest high app or equipment, then you can choose this smart coffee machine. If you are a coffee drinker who ignores the need to connect everything on your smartphone, then the coffee will still taste great as well. In other words, it may not be necessary for you. 

When you get up, grab your smartphone from the bed stand and your coffee program will prepare it even before washing your face, then you are lucky. By using this app, you can save your personalized coffee recipe. It is an easy button to drink your coffee. You just need to store your cappuccino settings and just name it whatever you like to get easier access. You can give it a picture so you can see how it looks. 

Of course, you can add different options of different coffee recipes, such as morning cappuccino cup, morning espresso, and so on. You can choose whatever temperature and strength that you like. It will be stored in your apps. All systems will work by Bluetooth, ensure that you activate Bluetooth 4.0 or later. It runs in your Android or iOS systems as well. It may look interesting at first. There are many modern features that you will get here. 

How to clean it JURA E8 

You should know that it is not completely hands-free, but you should know that this Jura is very easy to use. Especially, this machine will remind you of when you need to get regular maintenance so that it keeps you from getting dirty, to begin with. There is the cleaning cycle that reminds you of when you have to clean the tablet to get a deeper cleaning to remove all residues. Of course, LED will tell you after 200 coffee cups that it needs to be done. There is nothing to wash or clean. 

If you want to clean the milk hues, then you need to fill the container up to 25 ml of water and you can add the cleaning solution with the right dose. Then you can run the clean cycle for this system. Alternatively, you can out the hue to the dishwasher to get a deeper clean. The hue needs to be cleaned every day since the milk can collect inside the hue, and it goes sour as well. It does not occur in Jura only, you should know that all automatic frother machines need to get clean every day. 

You should know that no matter how much the price point, automatic espresso machines have some drawbacks as well. That’s a price to pay for the convenience of the single touch system. One issue that likely occurs is the jammed hopper. If you use the oily beans, the higher chances you will find this problem. The oily beans can make a residue in the grinder, then it will lead the jam. 

Of course, this problem can be avoided by using beans that are not too oily. You should know that oily beans do not show any quality. A good cream comes from the essential oils inside beans. If you need to use oily beans, ensure that you wipe out the hopper first to avoid any residue. You should know that the burr grinder is very loud as well. So, when you wake up in the morning, and you want to drink a coffee first, then you may wake up others who are still in your bed. It may be a minor complaint and not affect anyone in the same way. So, JURA E8 Chrome Automatic Coffee Machine can be your best recommendation.


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