How to Use a Keurig Coffee Machine Properly

How to use a Keurig coffee machine? Keurig is one of the coffee machine brands that have been known for its quality since many years ago. It releases some series of coffee machines in which the designs and specifications must be different. Uniquely, Keurig products have almost similar ways of the operating system. It is also designed to be easy to use so that even beginners don’t find it too confusing.

So, do you have a new Keurig machine at home? Make sure you know how to use it well. The guidance must be available inside the box. But in case you want to learn more about it, you can also follow some steps below as general references. Check them out.

Making Regular Coffee

Making Regular Coffee
Making Regular Coffee

To make a cup of regular coffee with a Keurig coffee machine, here is what you can do.

1. Turn it on

First of all, of course, you need to turn it on. It is by plugging the cable into the electric socket. You should not directly turn on the button. It is better to fill in the reservoir with water before that. Next, you may turn it on and put the cup in the room or the slot available. Follow it by pressing the brew button just after the water has been warmed up. The process of heating up is quite short only in approximately 3 minutes.

 2. Prepare the Machine for brewing

Check the water reservoir on the Keurig coffee machine. If necessary, you can also add more water through the filling area. The brewer starts to heat up the water and prepare to brew. For the water thing, although there is an ideal measurement to make coffee with a great taste. It can still depend on your taste. Some people may want it to be thicker or with more liquid.

3. Prepare the coffee

To prepare the coffee, you can use the handle on the cup chamber to open it. Place the coffee cup pods into the chamber. Be careful since there are sharp needles in it. Next, you can use the handle to cover the chamber for preparing your coffee.

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4. Brew the coffee

You may place the coffee cup under the chamber where you prepare the coffee. Choose the size of the cup to brew. In some Keurig models, there are two size options available while in others, there are three or even four options. Make sure the drink size matches the size of the coffee cup well to avoid coffee water spilling out.

After pressing the button, Keurig will brew a cup of coffee. You can wait for the process only around 3-4 minutes. There is a sound to hear when the brewing process is over. Push the knob of the machine to pour coffee water to the cup that has been placed before. A cup of fresh coffee is ready to enjoy.

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Making Iced Coffee with Keurig

Making Iced Coffee with Keurig
Making Iced Coffee with Keurig

Are you interested in making a glass of iced coffee? It is possible to do that with Keurig. A combination of qualified ingredients and the process from Keurig enables you to enjoy coffee drink with a fresh sensation.  At least, you must prepare some ingredients.  They are coffee whether powder or coffee espresso beans, ice cubes, milk, and milk or sweetener. For the amount of each ingredient, it depends on your tastes. But generally, it may taste the best if the coffee and sugar are with 1:1 comparison. The steps to make iced coffee drink area as follows.

1. Brew the coffee

If you prefer directly using the coffee powder, the process is getting easier. Yes, you can just put the powder to the container available in Keurig coffee machines. If you want to optimize the function of the machine, the coffee powder used is around 6 or 8 ounces. Meanwhile, the type of coffee used is also based on your taste. But it is more recommended to use dark coffee.

2. Add milk and sweetener

In the middle of the brewing process, you can add milk and sweetener. But if you want your coffee to be less sweet, using milk only is enough. In addition, you can also add the milk and sugar in the beginning of the process but the result may be less creamy. Wait for the process around 3 minutes. This way, your coffee is actually ready to enjoy.

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3. Add the ice cubes

There are generally 2 ways to add ice cubes in your coffee. The first method is by putting ice cubes in the coffee container just after it is brewed. Sure, you must lower the temperature so that it doesn’t keep heating. The second way is putting ice cubes in your glass before it is filled in by coffee water. Indeed, the first option tends to make your iced coffee feel more refreshing as the ice is added from the beginning. However, many people just worry about using this method as it is considered damaging the surface of the coffee container of the machine.

4. Enjoy your coffee

After enjoying all the steps mentioned above, you can enjoy your coffee. You can still add other ingredients like choco granule if you want. A cup of coffee is also great to enjoy along with snacks like chips or cookies.

How to Clean Keurig Coffee Maker

if you have bought a coffee maker including from the brand Keurig, don’t forget to always clean it regularly. If the machine is dirty and not hygienic, it turns out that the main cause is simply because the coffee maker is not clean. The condition may change the coffee taste. So, how to clean Keurig coffee maker then the coffee maker properly is as follows.

1. Clean the Basket Filter and Portafilter

Basket filter and portafilter are parts that must always be clean after you use it. So, make sure to make it a habit. It has a purpose to remove the remaining coffee ground that sticks to the Basket Filter and Portafilter. By cleaning it regularly, the next coffee flavor is not mixed with the previous one. Cleaning it by wiping it using a smooth rug and soap water gently. Rinse it with clean water after that.

2. Clean the Grouphead

The way to clean this area is not difficult. Pour a teaspoon or baking soda into the portafilter and attach the portafilter to the Grouphead. Turn on the machine for about 10 seconds, stop it for a few seconds, then restart it. Do this pattern up to four times continuously. Next, remove the portafilter and wash thoroughly. After finishing, plug the engine back in and start it for 10 seconds. Now, the grouphead is clean and ready to use. This method can only be used if the Keurig coffee maker is equipped with a 3-way electrovalve which allows backflushing.

3. Clean the Shower Screen

A shower screen is a water container that connects to the ground coffee in the basket filter.  You can clean the shower screen using a rug or a handkerchief and make sure that no ground coffee remains in the previous shot.

4. Clean the Steam Wand

Lastly, you must also clean the steam wand. This is also a part that must be kept clean every time you use it. So, when the milk has been steamed and foam has formed, the original taste is maintained well. To do it, you must immediately wipe the steam wand with a clean wet cloth after the machine is done working. Use a special cloth to clean the steam wand that is different from that you use to clean other areas of the machine. Check Keurig descaling solution to make it more easier


As one of the most famous and trusted brands in the area of coffee maker, Keurig makes sure that it gives you the best ways in terms of operation. It can be operated very easily as well as the product is not difficult to clean. Make sure to follow the instructions well to avoid any problem. Although generally the operation method can be the same for all types of Keurig coffee machine, there may still be some slight differences among them. You can go to the guide book as the references anyway.

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